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Hello I'm so ticked off right now, I've been waiting over a month for red tape etc just too be able too even pick out frames.Not counting the rudeness and disorganised mess when I went too my eye appointment there.

I'm disabled and they told me too take in my own paperwork too ODSP which I did have checked since several times then last week on my third trip too the ODSP office they informed me they sent the approval too Vision Center 3 weeks ago.

I hadn't heard a word from Vision Center that they had it.

Any other time in the years past they have contacted me and was much better service over past 10 years!

Too the point I call them today and tell them ODSP said they sent the approval March 13Th, it's now April 8Th! She checks and yes they have it and I can come in and pick frames. I ask how come they never contacted me when they had the OK for 3 weeks? She says that's your responsibility sweaty not ours! and I replied that she was being very rude and she goes have a nice day in a sarcastic tone and hangs up on me!

I called the Head office Of Walmart and they took the complaint and will get back too me.

I've been getting very bad headaches due too the need of my new glasses,.not needed stress and disappointment with Walmart entirely!

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Irish, you're an ***.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #135834

You don't need new glasses, you want them. For someone who "needs" new glasses you sure type well.

There is a difference between need and want. Learn them.

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