As I got in line at the express register at my local Walmart, I didn't notice that her light was off. I guess the cashier didn't notice me at first, but when she did, it was the most unpleasant experience I ever had. I told her she didn't need to get rude with me and that her lane closed sign wasn't up. I asked her nicely if she could ring me up anyways as I felt it was not fair to make me move to another line. She rudely declined saying she had to get to some meeting. I didn't care if she was going to be late for the meeting and is fired. My point is, she should have had her lane closed sign up. A turned off light doesn't mean you are closed. At this point another register open right next door to the one I was at. I stormed right over to the register in shock that I was treated as bad as I was being treated.

When I threatened to report the cashier to management, she started to cry and apologize. It was too late now. This is when the pathetic CSM shows up. The CSM didn't greet me in any way. She went straight to the cashier to ask what happened. What the cashier told her was a complete lie and made me look like a bully. And none of that was true. Then instead of disciplining the cashier, the CSM tells her to calm down and get to the meeting. The CSM made no attempt to speak with me at all. That cashier should have been fired on the spot. I am a elementary school teacher, and I would have never allowed any of my students to speak with me the way that cashier did. Especially when it was their own faults. I don't tolerate rudeness and lies.

I am going to report both the cashier and CSM. I have had a run in with that CSM before when she was a cashier. About a year ago, I had made a complaint on this site about this CSM refusing to clean off her counter and claiming I threw my shirt at her. I had called and made a complaint about her, then they turn around and made her a Customer Service Manager. I guess this store doesn't need me as a customer anymore considering they support rudeness and lying.


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I hope people realize this complaint was written by a troll and none this really happened.


Another *** that doesn’t know that if the light is off the lane is closed ! This person is a teacher ? This country is in trouble .

Oakland, Maryland, United States #1222334

Oh Please move on in your life! Yes her light out would have been a clue but not for dumb ppl!

Cullman, Alabama, United States #1201606

From experinece in retail, a light that is turned off means you're closed.Nothing aggravates me more than customers who can't use a little bit of common sense.

I knew people were ***, but I realized how completely idiotic they are from working in retail for a short few months.It's absolutely ridiculous how rude people are to cashiers.


As a former employee of walmarts as a cashier.When we turn our light off it indeed does mean that that lane is closed.

And some times we couldn't take another customer because we will get lock out When we get a message saying close we have to close our lane I did indeed try to take someone like you after my light was turned off just to get locked out and had to get a csm. Over to unlock me.

And then got wrote up.For trying to help someone like you...


I'm a Walmart cashier.It's customers like you that make our jobs ten times worse than they have to be.

If the light is off, that means the lane is CLOSED. Are you blind, or just ***? The fact that you're a teacher blows my mind. Somewhere, there are children being tended by a selfish, entitled, abusive a**hole.

That's sad. Cashier should've been fired on the spot? Are you serious? They should be fired because YOU are ***?

LOL that's actually funny.Do everyone a favor and stay out of the store.


Actually, when the light is off it actually DOES mean they are closed.That is the entire purpose of having lights.

Perhaps she could have told you in a calmer way. I'm not sure.

But you were wrong.The lane clearly WAS CLOSED.

to Anonymous #1103237

This is assuming that the cashier is rude.If you visit the site regularly you will see that most people mistake not getting what they want, not having rules bent just for them as "rude" and judging by her other comments she is the rude one.

The worst is she is a teacher, a role model for our children.Hope she does not use the bullying tactics in her class.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1201700

I don't know if it was her posting, or someone else but she apparently does.


I was actually looking at bad reviews myself when I found yours and all I can say is wow!You're so entitled, it's pathetic.

You, by your own admission, had zero concern or empathy for their legitimate needs, yet you're pissed and whining like a spoiled brat because, wait for it, they weren't concerned or showed empathy for you!What, are you too fat to walk one register over?!

Also, excuse the rest of us for not knowing that being a first grade teacher gave you special status in society, but news flash, chunky dunk: not everyone is one of your first grade students that has to bow to your enormously bloated sense of entitlement.

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