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Clerk very disrespectful.Got angry with me refer to me as bro. And then he began to throw the next customer in line goods .When I asked him to wait until we loaded everything into the cart.

The clerk was very sarcastic.Not very professional.His bagging groceries was poor at best. So I ask you please help me have a better experience a Walmart. There is no denying that Sam Walton was a heck of a businessman.And his rules for building a business clearly worked. What would he think of today's Wal-Wart Principles?

Clearly, he would be very disappointed.

Walmart used to care about their customer and they valued them. Maybe they need to look into their employment procedures DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Poor customer service dept.

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So you're mad that he called you bro? Are you female?

If not, while slightly unprofessional, not rude.

And he started going through the next persons order? Maybe that person looked impatient with the length of time between your finished transaction and the beginning of his.

Not things Sam Walton would be rolling over in his grave about. Our generations angry sense of entitlement and me first attitude.......maybe.


And then he began to throw the next customer in line goods...

What does that mean?

This is what you also stated in your complaint.

I didn't like: Poor customer service dept.

So did you go to checkout or to Customer Service?