Metairie, Louisiana

I went to buy a Tv at the Wal-Mart located in 9300 NW 77th Ave Miami Gardens the employee there treated very poorly.His name is Salvador.

I have been a Customer Service Manager for 28 years and I refuse to allow this type of behaviour

I feel that this store in particular has a very low degree of Customer Service training and it is not pretty .

I don't think I as a customer should be subjected to insults.. I asked

3 questions everyone was answered rudely .

I would like to speak to someone about this. I am reporting this event

to BBB

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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give him time powerhead and soon he will claim he has been working there 28 days before getting fired, then it will change to 28 hours, and then 28 minutes and finally the truth will come out, it was 28 seconds.


Man this website is rife with idiots like you. First of all, you claimed 28 years in your original post AND also in a follow up post.

Then you suddenly have a breakthrough and it turns out you only have 28 months. You got fired because someone caught you doing something wrong. Now you're making up lies. Even worse, you're too *** to realize that your lie doesn't mean a hill of beans to anyone but you.

Irish is absolutely right.

The BBB will throw your complaint form in the trash as soon as your dumb *** walks out the door. Grow a conscience and do the right thing, THEN you can cry about getting fired for something you DIDN'T do.


First of all it is two years and four months, and my main goal is to complain about Salvador and his goons until he gets fired, even if the incident did not happen, I plan on complaining and making things up until that man loses his job and all the managers that support him. Also it was one person who was rude to me, it was three questions he answered rudely. I called him a *** and told him he would not last long and soon I would have my job back.


boo hoo, 3 people treated you rude? Did you ever hear about the lady that called her husband knowing he was on his way home from work.

She saw on the news that someone was driving the wrong way on the highway. She calls him and says, 'honey, there is a crazy driver out there on the highway, watch out'.

He says, 'everyone is crazy, they are all going the wrong way'..

Please contact the BBB, hopefully your extensive tenure in customer service will get that walmart closed down. I mean, 2 years and 2 months in customer service is some mad street time.


Actually I mean 28 month though lol.


I wish you luck in reporting to the BBB but they really aren't going todo much. I would say try filing a report with WM's head office, but they will probably give the run around and do his prolonged arbitration bull.

Doesn't matter if you put in 28 years or 28 days, your expendable, if anything they are probably glad that you were fired since they can now pay someone alot less to be a less than good CSM. Brush it off and move on to better things :)


The only one with a sensible comment. I used to work at that Walmart as Customer Service Manager for twenty eight years and that *** Salvador got me fired because he reported me for hiding merchandise which they marked down to get it for a cheaper price.

He has hated me from day one because he is jealous of me. So he reported me. Thanks for replying to my letter. Obviously the managers favor him.

They said that it was against company policy to hide things from custoemrs which were on rollback and pay for them on my lunch, however this is false, the store is making their own rules, and I bet Salvador begged the manager to fire me and they used this as an excuse. Then when I want help he was rude to me.

I reported him and they did not care. That is why I am taking this to BBB.


Going to BBB because you were being treated badly, they will laugh behind your back and maybe even in your face, BBB is for if a company is scamming you in some way. If everyone had to go to BBB because they were treated "rudely" than they would be overly busy. What is to say that you were not the rude one.


salvador sounds like a black name, no wonder he was rude, they usually are.


All customer service experiences are going to be good or bad. The Wal-Mart by my house has horrible customer service.

But the one by my girlfriends home, gosh the people are soo nice I think I'm in a different world.

I think whenever spending money on high purchases like televisons, appliances, etc. It's best to go to a store that is going to have people knowledgeable about the products like Bestbuy or so on. Wal-Mart just throws their employees in the firing range with very little training.

I'm sure the guy who helped you didn't know a thing bout the TV you were trying to purchase. It would be like asking a McD's employee which kid of wine would be good to go with a Fillet Mignon at a 4 star.