Monroe, Louisiana
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just had surgery on my neck and hand my dr called in a presciption, girl at counter got the bag turned around and said you know you have to pay for this in cash dont you( no i didnt) so i had to leave store to go to atm for cash when i returned for presciption i had to wait for her to put up other precriptions befor she even acknowleged me.i switched to walgreens from walmart because they were very efficiant in filling meds and professionsl attitude.i will be going back to walmart at least i know what to expect when going there plus they arent going to drop my insurance and they will not question my transactions unless dr has said otherwise

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I like how people`s poor spelling and grammar skills makes them look like they are seven years old yet they call someone who is old enough to work a girl. Same with that seven year old Becky ASSuming that someone works for a company when they state the truth.

@grow up

Becky is the same person as who wrote the review, hence the horrible spelling and grammar. My guess is she was caught stealing and is posting negative reviews because of this.

You are right about one thing she is seven years old.

If not the educational system is failing deeply in her state. However I think she is seven years old because she did not read the sign that said cash only and she expected her to be allowed to cut in line when she returned after using her parents debit card to get cash from the ATM instead of waiting her turn for her mistake.


Cut it out ilove Bill and what he does in his private life is his buisness it is true he was the president and should be now because he only did one thing wrong and he was our greatest president.


You bet! That's the state Bill CAME from. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :grin :p :grin :p :grin :p :grin :p


Isn't that the state that produced the President and the Secretary of State, the Clintons?


wasnt complaining about walmart i had switched from wal mart to walgreens because they were efficent. but know they stopped exepting express scripts and have been rude to several customers. went back to walmart becuase there are no airs, you know what you are going to get when you go there they have actually improved greatly!!!!!!


not same complaint just about rudeness you must work for one of them thats why i went back to walmart at least you know what to expect.what are you one of them kate


i work at said walmart unfortunately and i agree those bastards need to be eradicated from earth. greedy ***


this is a walmart you are writing about. in arkansas.

there is no need to ever make a complaint about walmart, or anything related to arkansas. the whole world knows they are vile.

i would strongly suggest going to a walgreens or kroger pharmacy. yes, since it is in arkansas you will still get *** hilbillies who can barely walk upright but at least your money will not be directly supporting this abomination and blight on the face of the earth.


Talk about rude


Didn't you write this same review for another company?