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Very rude customer service at Walmart in Monticello Ar 71665 short grey hair heavy set with a very nasty attitude and this isnt the first time I have complained to management about this I was questioning her on price of medication and ask her if she was running it under insurance and gave her my card and she through my card back down on counter at me never said another word so I was assuming she was working on it so I was standing at window still and she looks up and said in rude town is that all you needed and I said yes and she said well we done here but as I stated I didnt know that she was completed cause she didnt say anything! I dont have to be treated that way and dont have to be talked to any kind of way she wants to I can take my business elsewhere but I do business with the pharmacy cause I go to dr in Monticello and I do my shopping there I actually live about 20 mins away and can go to shop in Star City and use the pharmacy over there if something doesnt change!

Location: North Little Rock, Arkansas

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