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The daytime customer service crew is very rude. They ignore customers and have very poor attitudes, unless they know you or your family, then they stand there talking and laughing with each other. If the employee is busy when you arrive, you can expect to wait until they are finished. There are always a few managers standing around visiting, but will never come help out at the service desk when they are backed up. If the cashier needs help, they take their sweet time coming to find out what the problem is.

They do not keep their shelves stocked and are always out of what you are there to get...for weeks, if not months at a time.

Their produce is very of very poor quality...all the time, and their meat is not the freshest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are obviously six years old I can tell because you feel like you are ignored. Well you should get a parent to speak up and tell them that you need help because obviously you cannot go around asking for help yourself.

Two you do not want them to finish with a customer or what they are doing before helping you.

Learn to be more patient, and the fact that the world does not revolve around you. Why not ask mommy and daddy to take you to another store.

to Anonymous New Bern, North Carolina, United States #869913

You are very rude. My problem is not about the employees taking care of another customer.

Its about being in line and the employee is visiting with another employee, or standing around.

They never acknowledge you or say that they will be with you shortly. ...You must be one of those employees with that rude response you left to my post?

to Anonymous #888646

Actually that is a part of the problem, you have a problem with them not stopping what they are doing to help you, which could also mean helping another customer. As they stated asking for help would be helpful.

However I like how people automatically assume that if someone one points out the obvious they work for the company. Maybe that person is right and you are pretty six, nope even a six year old knows better perhaps you are four? If you are being asked if you need anything you would probably be annoyed at that because you cannot shop in peace. There is nothing rude about being honest.

Being honest does not mean they work for the company or are part of the employees. Only someone who is four would ASSume this. So either ask for help as started or get someone capable of asking to ask for help, or shop elsewhere where the world revolves around you.

With your immature ASSumption, I too could ASSume that these are your ex coworkers and you are trying to make trouble by getting them fired, but unlike you I don't ASSume people I don't know unless I see proof in the review. Your not being able to ask for help, and ASSume someone who tells you the straight out truth proves you are between the ages of four Your wanting immediate attention shows you are four years old.

to Anonymous #1108678

Ever think the employees standing around could be on break?

to Anonymous #1108710

Nope because the person is six years old and thinks the world revolves around them. You can tell they are young when they mistake someone telling them that they are wrong meaning they work for the company.

This person does not know about lwas requiring breaks and stuff. They still play with pokemon cards.

to Anonymous #1108759

Obviously the person making this post never worked in their lives and was never told no. They were the rude one from what I read.

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