1621 Highway 15 N, Laurel, MS 39440, USA
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Nov 1st I lost $75 which was my grocery money I’m disabled I receive ssi barley makes ends meet I don’t get food stamps I’m not having thanksgiving because I can’t afford to I contact them no help and it was a employee work there that picked up my money the Wal-Mart worked an mangers lied an don’t care about nobody but them self it saddens me because what I’m going through Walmart on 16th ave in laurel ms they don’t care about no one but them selves an friends I was looking at hair products an the worker kept saying exscusse me rushing me to move so I guess she saw when I dropped my $75 out my purse every body gonna have a happy thanksgiving but me there’s no help in laurel I’ve tried every an told people I lost my food money but still no help

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wall of text that I cannot read.

Since I cannot read this wall of text, I cannot understand what the complaint is about.


It sounds like the person believes she dropped her money in the haircare section, an employee saw it and took and no one would help her (I presume by looking at their CCTV cameras), etc.


Yeah, that's what she is saying.

- The Walmart worker was annoying her, and making her feel unwelcomed in the hair care.

- Dropped 75.00 dollars out if bag, she thinks the employee pick it up (Who knows). Look at CCTV

- She wants to get a retune on the money soon is she can if the employee take it so she can have thanksgiving.

and ended up not having it from being broke... Her comment is little hard to read but not too hard to understand..