I purchase a cell phone back in 2012 in July alone with a warranty for 18 months. That's covers water damage and crack screen. Well I dropped my phone in water call product assist for a replacement on May, 20, 2013.they send me a mailing return label thru mail I put it n mail on 28, call them on June 4 they said the sent me a check to my email been checking it daily still haven't receive anything and it is June 13 if and wen I do receive my money from them I will not do anymore phone buying with Wal-Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $195.

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oops my bad once again I have shown my ignorance. Ask them what date they sent the check.

I know the US mail is slow but it shouldn't take over a week, but then the same kind of ignorant people work for the US mail as those of us that live in Sioux Fall, SD. Please forgive me I'm a dried up old hag.


Was the warranty through WalMart of through the phone company? Also from the time you returned the phone until now isn't that long. You seem to expect miracles.