Salisbury, North Carolina
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Went to walmart at 2801 Airport Thruway Columbus, Ga. The manager is Harrison Banks which is a real lazy ***-hole.I spend lots of money in your stores and all I get is terrible service,dirty aisles and displays, very poorly stocked food and produce areas.

We use lots of fresh fruits and vegetables but what little bit you had on display wasnt worth feeding to the pigs. The store was very crowded that day and they kept closing check-out aisles causing very long waits in line. There was a group of us in line almost ready to start getting everybody to start pushing our carts out of the store with out paying. I will not visit that store again and I will stop using each sorry managed stores that I find and will spread the lousy word of your stores.

You need to get a new manager and find some helpful employees. We always have to go looking for someone to help us, while they are usually goofing off somewhere if you can find anyone. Ill go back to Target or even K-mart.

your store really SUCKS. Now it is all in your hands now,that is if your even capable of doing your job.

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Most sane people who are not satisfied with a store just simply do not shop there anymore. They don't spend time flaming the store or making outrageous accusations against its employees.

You're nuts. But thanks for entertaining me.


wow, this poorcustomer guy is nuts. he sounds like the type to cause a big scene whenever he shops anywhere.


It does not matter fatheroftriplets you can charge me as much as you want but everyone around you would wonder if what the allergations are true or false so it would make your life more difficult. That way I get my revenge for you not listening to me.

To the people who called me crazy. I am not, the only people who are crazy are those who shop in the store with the service they have. I was only doing them a favor. If the mother subjects her child to this kind of store she is abusing her child.

Not all abuse is physical so If I did tell CPS she was abusing her child I would not be lying because shopping at a store like this is abusing your child.

Besides fatheroftriplets, you may be cleared on child abuse charges but the call would stay on your file and your children's file when they grow up. It will say that the allergations are unproven but still it would be on file since your family was involved with CPS.


What exactly does a *** look like? I certainly would like to know because I have children and I am sure that every parent would want to know what a *** looks like.

You sound crazy, claiming the manager looks like a ***, and threatening to report people for things they did not do. If you tried that on me you would be charged with slander, libel(which ever you can be charged by saying false things about me in speech)


You should have walked out with your cart without paying...that way you won't have to deal with the stress of shopping. You'll just have to worry about some guy named bubba (or some girl named Bertha).


Since you appear to be a psychopath(threatening to falsely report other for child abuse and sexual assault) I am sure you are encouraging people to shop at Walmart rather than discouraging them to do so by boycotting the store. They know they won't run into you that way.

Get help. I am sure that the store you replace also has a pharmacy


Did you make it past 5th grade? Your grammar is abhorrent.

Who shops for produce at Walmart? If you want service, selection, and cleanliness why don't you spend a few more dollars and try shopping at a grocery store!


Walk out of the store without paying. Then everyone will see your sorry

b u t t get send to jail.


Further more I was harassed by two customers and the manager took their side. He should be fired and looks like a ***.

I told this mother that if she did not leave the store I would follow her out the store and tell CPS that she beat her child. She threatened to sue me for false report. I told her they don't punish people for making reports and it is their job to investigate whether the report is true or not.

Then I told another man that if he did not leave the store that I would say he sexually assaulted me and he just laughed at me and said to prove it.

The manager took the side of the parent and gentleman and told me that if I did not stop harassing customers that I would have to leave. Guess he took their side because he knows that they will be returning and I won't be. ***-hole.