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I'm having a very simular problem, however mine is that, we went to walmart last night Friday, September 26th and purchased some chicken. I went to put the chicken in the slow cooker and opened the package and almost vomited the smell was so bad.

I then go and look at the package and it says sell by September 24th. Even just being two days after I purchased it and the next morning opening it. I called them and they had no concern really. "Bring it in and we'll replace it" never again shopping at walmart.

I moved to texas from wisconsin, and back home I always purchased meat from a butcher shop. Time to find one in Texas!

Reason of review: Selling meat past date.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Refund, cost of cleaning supples that had to be tossed away from contamination .

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So they said bring it in and we'll replace it. That or a refund is really all they can do to make it right, not sure what else you want them to do.


I would just get your money back on that at your convenience. That's why I always check the date on grocery items no matter where I go.

I say that because around my area there isn't much and here it's hard to find a good butcher shop.


Your last line is correct. I do not care for Walmart for any groceries, and your reason is not the only one.

Did they give back your money or replace it? There is not much else they can do.