Saint Petersburg, Florida

why the heel do you advertise a new game coming out and the dont get any at the store, This is ***. everytime i go to walmart for something they advertise they dont have it even if you have thing i want the next time i look for it you no longer have.

Why? You always have a ton of *** that no one in the world would eat, i guess that is so your shelves always look stocked.

some times the things that i but are stale or out of date. dont bring it back because it is a pain dealing with your return policy

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Put down the game controller. Go outside.

Breathe in the fresh air. Now get a life.


Why don't you go back to school and learn how to spell and write.


You do realize they have a million customers other than you buying things also, maybe you should get out more into the real world.


Go back to school and learn some proper grammer.


Stop playing video games and go get your GED. You have the grammar ability of an 8 year old.


then go somewhere else? they have food that people won't eat? then I guess you don't eat normal food?