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Walmart in Staunton, Virginia - Unfriendly unhappy unhelpful unproffesional staff

Wow! Never have I had such a horrible experience shopping in a Walmart store, my brother and I visited the Walmart Supercenter in Staunton Virginia last night Tues 9/24 at around 10pm my brother had looked on the internet in search of a particular DVD which stated was in stock and on Sale upon our arrival unable to locate the video my brother asked the associate working in electronics for assistance, the associate who was pulling a cart of stock never stopped moving directed my brother to the 5 $ bin said if we had it there is where you would find it! Seemed very aggravated that we even asked him a question continuing on with our shopping which would by the end be classified our nightmare we move on to get our grocieries which involved WIC items for my niece we searched for WIC approved court sized milk which we had trouble locating due to a sale sticker covering the sign when asking another associate where to find it she was from another area and was unsure but tried to help she went to ask the associate from dept and came back and said it should be labled. Ended up locating on our own after finding all of our items we continued through the congested isles half blocked with stock to the front of the store with only one register open which was all the way in the middle of the store which also was blocked by waxing floors to find another customer arguing with a clerk over a coupon, the clerk was unprofessional and rude and clearly didn't know how to resolve the issue called another clerk over to assist when other clerk got to register she pushed to clerk out of the way rudely and said watch and learn so only have to do this once. then they continued waiting on customers being rude to others as they talked back and forth how they hate there jobs and the Bull *** exact words that go along with it. There was more BUT feel you have the point still unhappy with my experience I attempted to call and speak with management upon returning home with no success there either nobody answered the phone. Never again will I visit this store I will either travel to another town store or a competitor.
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Instead of complaining about Walmart the tax payers should be complaining about you having children you cannot afford and using WIC aka taxpayer money to pay for those children`s food and clothing. Most people do their own shopping and do not need to be hand held to the items, either you are on WIC because you are too lazy to get a job or are not giving a job because you cannot read.

This would explain why you would need them to take your hand and hand you the milk or your brother the DVD.

Telling a customer is not rude. You better be taking the bus to another town or if it is further away because you have no right wasting money on gas when you could be spending it of food.

anonymous Sep 25, 2013 wSioux Falls, South Dakota

The reason you don`t have a problem getting help is because you don`t expect them to do all the shopping for you, this person does, they are too lazy to get their own stuff, so that is why they rely on WIC.


Had same experance They hire people that know nothing.......


Do you know what the WALMART ceo makes read huffington post Walmart "CEO's Pay Jumps 14.1 Percent To $20.7 Million" maybe if the ringers got a 4% RAISE they would do a better job. but with the ECONOMY being so bad ONLY THE CEO can get a raise!!

And he is way to busy to ANSWER THE PHONES!!


I, too wondered what "court" sized milk is. Do you realize that stores now are mainly what is referred to as self-service.

That being said, I have never had any trouble receiving help at my WalMart. Also when you look for something on their website, it isn't always up to date. Your best bet is to call ahead and ask if they have an item that you see on the website. As far as congested aisles that you complained about, that is the time of night that they start doing their night time stocking.

Are you sure that the person you asked about the DVD actually worked in electronics, and wasn't a stock person bringing a cart full of stuff to the area? Exactly when do you think stores should do this and clean their floors, etc.? Also, I highly doubt that the line at the check out was to the middle of the store. If it was they would have opened more lanes.

I'm sure the store won't miss your whinny business.


What exactly is "Court" sized milk???

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