Denver, North Carolina
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I purchased $150 in Visa gift cards. I wanted to use them for on-line purchases.

I registered each one of them successfully. You have to register each one separately. I then tried to use them to purchase something. The company asked for the redemption code.

I tried the 3 and 4 digit numbers on the back of the card. I tried the activation number listed on the sales receipt. Nothing worked!!! I contacted our local WalMart here in Denver, NC and I was told i needed to bring the cards in and MAYBE they could help me, but there are no refunds.

I told the girl I WOULD get my money back. She asked me if I had called the number on the card and I told her yes and all you got was an automated voice and there was no option to speak to a human being. I asked to speak to the manager. He gave me pretty much the same song and dance.

I have never purchased a Visa, AMEX or Master Card gift card from WalMart. I have always purchased them elsewhere and have NEVER had a bit of trouble using them. I believe this is WalMart's way of getting you to use the card in their stores and that is why you cannot talk to a person. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A SINGLE GIFT CARD INCLUDING THEIR OWN FROM WALMART.


Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Walmart does not own the VISA gift cards, even the ones with WM name on them. The bank listed on the back of the card does.

Call the number on the back of the card, and press 0.

Where are you trying to use the cards at? I have never been asked for a redemption code.


Unless you mean the 3 digit security code on the back of the card.