On 10/10/13 I called the Walmart Optical in Shelby Twp. MI.

The optician, Grace, was very rude. She told me I either needed to drive 3 hours to that particular Walmart to receive my prescription or go to any Walmart to get a copy. The nice ladies at SVS Vision reassured me that was ridiculous & called Grace back for me. She also gave them a hard time but eventually told them to fax over an authorization form & she would fax my prescription back.

This was at noon. Two hours later there was still no response to the fax. BECAUSE GRACE SAID I NEEDED TO, I decided to go to the nearest Walmart (10 miles away) to receive a copy of my prescription myself that I would then have to deliver to SVS because Walmart was taking far too long. At the Grand Rapids Walmart I was then told that they could NOT give me my prescription under any circumstances & the optician had no idea why Grace would tell me to drive all of the way there.

After I traveled the 10 miles back to SVS, Grace had STILL not faxed my script over...3 HOURS LATER. The wonderful optician at SVS then called Grace at Walmart for the 3rd time to see why it had not been faxed. Grace (on speakerphone) laughed condescendingly & said that she forgot about us & that it would be a while because she needed to take a lunch break. FOUR HOURS after I arrived at SVS Grace finally faxed over my script.

Grace's rudeness, laziness & incompetence was neither appreciated nor acceptable from a Walmart Vision Center. A customer should never feel like they are being bothersome by asking for something---particularly something I OWN (my prescription was paid for months ago). Just because I chose to purchase my glasses somewhere other than Walmart, I should not be punished!

I understand that HIPAA rules put some restrictions on opticians, but to be treated in a condescending manner & to purposely be told wrong information is absolutely ridiculous! I am not a satisfied customer and will never use Walmart Vision Center again.

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The replies below seem to think that only Walmart is in the business to make money. Let me explain something to you honeys, EVERY business is in the BUSINESS to make MONEY.

No money, means NO BUSINESS.

You are offered a copy of your script every time your optician gives you one. Keep it with you.


Why is walmart int he vision business anyway --BECASUE it makes them money__ why is walmart in the subway business --- because it makes them money ---- why is walmart in the hair cutting business --- becasue it makes them money. REMEMBER walmrat doesn't do anything that doesn't make them money. WALMART used to have pheasant insurance on it employees WHY BECASUE IT MADE WALMRAT MONEY!!


Walmart vision center are the absolute worst place to get your exam or your glass. Often the prescription is wrong. THEY ARE CHEAP and you get what you pay for!! You are entitled to your prescription for 2 years after an eye exam from any eye dr. after that it is null and void. written on http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2004/10/BUS63-contactfaq.pdf


The Federal Trade Commission enforces both the Contact Lens Rule and the Eyeglass Rule. Both

Rules require that eye care providers give their customers copies of their prescriptions. Contact lens

prescriptions must be given to the customers once the lens fitting is complete; eyeglass prescriptions

must be given to customers at the end of the eye exam. The following questions and answers were

written to help eye care providers comply with the Rules. If you’re an eye care provider or seller with

additional questions about the Rules, please call 202-326-3528.


I have also had an awful experience with the Walmart Vision Centre, but here in Ottawa, Ontario. We went in to have my boyfriend's glasses fixed, which he had purchased at a Walmart Vision Centre.

The arm had fallen off completely, so we needed them to just screw it back on. We had tried, but the screw is so small, we could not get it. We handed over his glasses and stayed to wait for them, thinking it should only take a second. About 20 minutes later, after having seen three other people come and go with their newly fixed glasses (we were there first!?) , we asked how long it would be.

The lady working told us it could take a while. We should leave and come back. WHY DID NO ONE TELL US THIS?!?!

We wasted 30 minutes sitting around while she fixed everyone elses glasses before ours. Thanks.


So you were expected to wait your turn? Jesus, that is terrible.


And you have of course addressed this with the walmart manager.....right? Kind of what I thought