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Last Sunday evening I made a trip to your local Store # 2597 on 10 Kimberly Lane in Cranberry Pa 16319... I was looking for canning jar seals regular size I looked in the canning display area NONE I went to the kitchen section NONE ...as I was walking back over to the grocery area I saw two management personal so I stopped in front of them as to wait for them to stop talking they saw me but did not bother to ask if I needed help so after a few minutes I said excuse me can either of you tell me if you have any canning jar seals regular size the asst mgr a man said yea up there on the display I told him there was NO regular size...he ask did you check in kitchen ware I stated yes he said well guess not Than I looked at the Co-Mgr women ( A Blonde) and said are you gonna get any in she said nope I said do you realize this is canning season and all you have is wide mouth seals she said buy wide mouth jars..........I DO NOT Appreciate being treated in this way in public no less by a Mgr I do believe these two employees need to be retrained in management they have NO customer service skills nor Respect for your customers THAN when I checked out the cashier was SO busy talking to someone else I ask him is this everything he said YEA WELL when I got home I had a bag missing I called and the person said yes your bag is here I said I would be back tomorrow...So Monday I went back and when I went to get green grapes they were all brown with fruit flies all over them...........So NO green grapes for me !!! my visit was 8/31/14 @ 20:52:11 the cashier was Doug on reg 5 What a Day at Wall-Mart

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Where was mommy when all of this happened, she would not have liked you interrupting their conversation. You were not mistreated and what do you want them to do if the item is not in stock, wave a magic wand and have the jars appear in front of you.

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