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I bought the 3 year extended warranty. I've had TV for 2.5 years and the "smart" part doesn't work most of the time.

The picture is blurry when first turned on and the sound doesn't work right.

I contacted Walmart and I would have to mail the TV in to have it repaired.

That is too much of a hassle for a 398.00 TV and I would have to go without a TV for a while.

I paid 37.00 for this warranty so it's a waste of money. I think Walmart probably counts onost people not mailing TV's back in so how much are they making on unused warranties???

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Electronics Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Never take the warranty on something bought from a retail store. It's almost never needed and when it is, you find that what's messed up about the item is not covered. Not worth it.


Did you read the contract before you bought it? Did you ever hear of buyer beware. It is not a problem with Walmart - the problem is you.