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Service Request #: 68112985 , First You Were Going To Sent Me A Refund Check For : $192.58 . Then You Had Me Ship The Vizio Tablet For Repair .

It Was Repaired And Returned To Me Via UPS. The Battery Still DOES NOT HOLD A CHARGE or WILL I Charge Up. It Is Still Broken . My Contact # : Rocco Grande 2486 Delaware Ct Pennsauken, NJ 08109 (609) 820-4029 , Can You Just Replace It With A New One Or Refund Me The Money $192.58.

I Sent To In With The Printing Label You Provided For Me .

I Was Repaired AND SENT BACK. Product Still Doesnt Work .

Monetary Loss: $193.

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If it was within the first 15 days they should have replaced it for you but after 15 days on tablets you have to go through the manufacturer.


Don't expect the old hag anonymous from Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be of any help though the hag won't waste any time replying to your complaint. Poor old LadyScot/NikkiSixx is coming down from a heroin overdose.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672495

Don't expect WalMart to reply to your complaint here.

Naples, Florida, United States #672413

You need to contact the warranty company again.

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