Kalispell, Montana

On Tuesday June 18 I was shopping in the mens clothing department at Kalispell Walmartand two women salesclerks were talking very loudly about oral sex. The one yelled hey Brandy you suck, and she hollered back not anymore I lick now then they laughed and kept ribbing each other with these sexually comments that should be forbidden in the work place.

I have been around a while but in my day it was considered inappropriate to talk like that while at work and out of the mouths of women. I saw their nametags Kelly and Brandy, these women ran off me as a customer I pushed my cart to the front and went on my way to Target, very shameful behavior.

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Such behavior will continue to happen if people just leave. so no asking them to stop or informing their leadership?


I like to s..uc,,k big c..oc...ks and l..ic..k hairy .p..u.ss..ies.


This is just plain ***. Haven't you ever heard somebody tell another person that they suck?

It doesn't necessarily mean anything obscene. The other one was just making a smart*** reply.

I'm sure they weren't actually yelling it at each other, because there is always managers around in the WalMart stores. Sounds to me like you just plain have a slightly "dirty" mind.