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in the summer of 2009 i ordered a power washer from and used their site to store feature.i had used it before with no problem. in about 7 days i was informed my order was in.i went to the woodbridge,nj store to pick it up.i waited approximately 40 minutes while they looked for it.i was told they couldn't locate it but was assured it would be found.i asked for a refund and had to wait another 20 minutes until some supervisor came to okay the refund.she didn't seem to care that i waited a long time.she had a ho-hum attitude.i asked to see the store manager and was told he was on vacation and would be back in 3 weeks.i don't believe them this was in august 2009.i wrote walmart and complained and never received a response.i do not shop in walmart's anymore.

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MOONDOG--i wouldn't waste my time complaining to found out that is outsourced to a private company and based on previous experience with outsourced .coms,it would be a waste of time.i was upset by my treatment in the store.i think a total of 60 minutes is too long to wait.and i wrote their corporate headquarters and was ignored.i don't need walmarts.they need me.but obviously since they are so big,customer service no longer exists.thank you very much for the suggestion but i feel it would be a waste of time.


Did you take the time to file a complaint with the online walmart store? Just incase you might now have known, you would have been filing a complaint with coorperate wal-mart.

I'll tell you what most likely happened with your power washer. When it came in, someone else may have wanted that same washer. So the manager you encountered may have been the person who sold your power washer out from underneath you and the coorperate wal-mart store you bought it from online.

So if you did not file that complaint with coorperate wal-mart, maybe try doing it that way. You just may see something good happen for once with them.

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