Pompano Beach, Florida

walmart in Pompano Beach

-worse service ever

-waited 45 minutes for service at the paint counter -6 calls for an associate to come to the department and additional 3 calls to the department mgr

-then a refusal to call the store manager -who just happened to "not be available"

-such nonsense and disregard for their customers-

when the department manager showed up after numerous calls -his excuse was that he was required to take a full hour lunch break and it was walmart's fault.

When I suggested that he should at least leave a sign -saying "no service during lunch hour" -he said they were not allowed to do that!!

I will never go back and recommend that people stop giving money to this organization -which clearly cares nothing about their customers , the community or for that matter their employees. I will use Costco from now on when looking for discounts,

Walmart is an inferior money grabbing corporation and I hope they go broke tomorrow, They are a waste of time

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mix the paint yourself you ***!


Sorry Walmarts polices bother you so much. He was right the rules are that Take it to 1800 walmart if you want change it wont happen here!


What a whiny child..


If you don't like Wal-Mart, don't shop there (you'll be back, don't kid yourself).

"I hope they go broke tomorrow".

Wow, really? You're acting like a scorned ex-lover.

Over paint? Seriously?