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While I was waiting in line for the "guarantee tv" I had my 15 year old son wait in line for the ipad mini. He was the 10th person in line. What he didn't know, and no associate bothered to explain to him was he needed a wristband. So imagine his surprise when he gets up to register and they tell him "your beat, dude, you need to get a guarantee card."

So extremely aggravated at waiting in line all that time he gets the card. We bring it to the register and guess what? Surprise folks you can't get your 100 gift card till you go register online and it ships.

What a joke. I go home try to register for 6 hours and still have gotten no where.

So basically I paid full price, missed all the other good deals, and had to put a few items back because I was banking on that 100 bucks. I don't even want the *** card now cause I don't feel like ever shopping there again.

One thing is for sure, I won't be black friday shopping there anymore!

Great job Wal-Mart hope this one blows up in your face!

Extremely Pissed Consumer

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Welcome to Wal Mart. When you shop at a store that emphasizes lowest price over all else, do you really expect more? If so, you need to lower your expectations every single time you pass through their doors and enter one of their filthy, under-stocked, under-staffed stores.


If you pay attention to what's going on around you you won't go through life so pissed off all the time. :eek


Walmart shoppers are idiots on so many levels.


Is your son blind, did he know not know that people were wearing wristbands, or did he think that those wristbands were gang attire?


Wilmington, North Carolina

Does mommy know you are verbally abusing people because you don't like what they have to say or are you an adult who does not know how to state his views in a mature way?

The parent should have explained about the wristbands. Also what kind of parent makes their child wait out in the cold while they are in a nice warm location. The parent getting the child to get an item for them not for the child.


wallyworld sucks. Wrist band scam Black friday waiting in line sucks


What was so hard to understand???? It has been explained so many times about the wristbands and still nobody gets it.

Employees don't have time to go up to each and every customer and explain that they need a wristband. This has been advertised for weeks...where were you? As far as registering online, do you have any idea how many customers are registering? It may be slow but you will get through and your item will be shipped to you before Christmas and at that time, you will receive your $100.00 gift card.

Your hissy fit it pointless. Try paying attention to instructions instead of blaming others for your ignorance.


Hey *** anonymous! I went to purchase the tv got home and went through the run-around of redeeming it, to find that the car I was given did not include the final 2 numbers. I go through the normal avenues attempting to call the 877 number and finally just e-mailing the support. All of the question and answer portion just came back to taking your receipt in and getting your money back. I didn't put up with Black Friday shopping to come back at a loss. The response I got just sent me BACK to the count-down website. It also included a separate number. I called which sent me to the general Wal-Mart corporate number. The recording for the Corporate number for all walmart chains, stated that if you were having problems registering, to go BACK into the store with your receipt and card and they would reissue you a valid card. Apparently, there are so many people with this issue, that they put it on the Corporate recording! Now, all of the cheated customers are going to have to go back and wait in customer service lines and try it all over again! I feel really bad for the customer that is unaware of this issue and tries to register it Sunday night and gets completely screwed over.

So before you decide to be a smart-***, have all of the *** facts. The one-hour guarantee was NOT explained in commercials. Nor did they state the deal with the armbands. When you went into the store, there was no rhyme or reason to the lines, nor did the employees stationed in areas know. All they did was tell people that they could not be in certain areas, but refused to direct them to where the appropriate lines were.

It sounds like you work for Wal-Mart and are making excuses for incompetence.


I think the whole thing is a scam... I got the 1 hour guarantee card, had to pay for the item to get the gift card to go home and place the order, the website is a joke wont let you do anything, its stuck on updating...

then you realize that if you don't have the item placed by sunday your card is just a gift card that you can use for something else.. hello, if I wanted a gift card for something else I wouldn't have stayed in line and went through the whole hassle. It *** me off that wristbands in my area were given out at 11 am instead of the 6pm they were suppose to be, nice to know people got what they wanted and were able to spend time with their families while others didn't have a clue...

then to top it off people with the wristbands came in and were able to pick up their items with no problem.. this is a joke and walmart really sucks!!


Hey double *** anonymous, It was advertised, open your eyes an ears. How is it that the thousands of other customers were aware of it but you weren't?

I usually don't lower myself to name calling but you provoke it. Im sure Walmart will not miss you nor will the associates.

Good riddance! :)