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Pet Peeve: When you are waiting in line and another register opens up next to you...and the people (who just got on line behind you) scurry over to the now open register. Happened today in Walmart in garden center in Bangor, Maine...waiting in line for over 15 minutes since the guy at the front of the line had some payment issue...another man came over to next register and said, "I can help someone?" He should have said, "May I help the next people in line?" I asked the people in front of me if they wanted to go first...but of course the people behind me had already "scurried" over to get in first...what has happened to courtesy & manners?

Me, being the shrinking violet that I am told them I had been waiting for 15 minutes and they obviously had gotten on line after me...but should you have to do this?! If Walmart trained their employees properly this would not happen.

BTW, it took 45 minutes to finally check-out. Point-of-sale...Walmart you are failing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Train checkers.

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Back in high school when I worked a register (noticed I said high school) I would open my lane and point to the next person in line and say "i'm open, I will take YOU next".

That is the correct way to open a lane.


Sorry. I can't believe you. 45 minute wait is not believable.


Well, that's why you didn't write the review...duh! All the nay-Sayers on this forum, like you, are Walmart trolls.

Go to a store like TJMaxx and you will see how ques are done properly, they take people who have been waiting first.

Obviously, you are one of those who jump in line! Well, you obviously are a lover of are probably one of those people in the videos of Walmart shoppers...yuk!

...and I don't really care that you don't believe me!


To me when another register opens, it only makes sense that the people at the back of the line go to the new register, because other wise the people at the back of the line would have to be backing up to make room for "next in line customers" to get to the new lane. I have never seen any customers have any problem with the situation when it is done that way, and the only way I have ever seen it done is that the people at the back of the line go over to the next lane.


Gee, I don't know how much you like waitng on line, but I have much things to do with my time...You must be one of THOSE people that run over to the opening register!

Places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls & Burlington Coat Factory have actual ques so this issue does not happen.

Walmart could do this...and don't say they have too many registers...what a joke...20 registers with 2 open!


I find it amusing when people go to Wal-Mart expecting to find a well-trained staff and excellent service. It's Wal-Mart.

They are renowned for treating their employees like slaves. I find it difficult to blame any employee for being indifferent about their job when corporate is screwing them at every turn.

As they say, *** rolls downhill." And who is at the bottom of the hill? You, the customer.

For this reason, I haven't stepped foot in Wal-Mart in over a dozen years.

Follow my lead and maybe things will change.


It has nothing to do with associate training. Even if the next person in line were called, it is the customers who decide who will be next.

Its a courtesy, yes but that lies on the individual customer.

If they jump to the next line before you get there and refuse to let you go first then that is between the two of you not the associate. A customer cannot be refused service just because it makes you angry that they got there first regardless of how long you were waiting in line.


No, when in a store where the checker says, "Next person in line", I have never seen anyone "jump in line" ahead of those waiting.

They are not refusing them service...they are directing them...and it works!

I trained checkers for a large food chain...Walmart doesn't spend nearly enough time training their associates. ***-off customers at point-of-sale is the LAST thing employees should be doing!

NO excuse!


I'm not talking about jumping other customers in a line they are already in. If somebody opens another register then it about who gets there first. That is not considered jumping unless there was a customer already waiting at the other register for the associate to open and somebody else pushed ahead of them.