Bellevue, Washington

August, 15,2010 Wichita Falls, Texas on Lawrence road.

Waiting in line for over an hour is ridiculous, especially at midnight.

The Ice Cream I was purchasing was purchasing was almost melted.

the checker was very old and slow. I know Walmart or any other company cannot get any better help than that, because the young ones will not work. I know this because I have a business of my own. But there could be more checkers working or floor people could be trained to check.

They finally called more checkers to the front when the lines started getting shorter. This is ridiculous.

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Actualy I just made up all those complaits in hopes that people come to my business instead of all these other places. None of these waits ever happened.

Actually I never actually shopped at any of these places. I am hoping people from Wichita Falls Texas will see this complaint and shop at my place because of the long wait.


You have had the same problem at Kmart, Target, Publix and and a few other places. You have been in the same line at the same day and time. How can you be in all those places at once.


What is more ridiculous is that you shop at midnight. Only drunks shop that late.