Rex, Georgia
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At Morrow GA store. My car was damaged by shopping carts. I was told that I would be getting a check for repairs. I received this call from the company about 2 weeks ago. I have not as of this yet to received the repair check. To fix my car. ($525.00)

Can someone please tell me when I will be getting this repair check. I am trying to be nice about this problem and not to turn it over to my insurance company. Just to get something done. Then my rates will go up.

Mrs. Pat Mitchell

1208 Burbank TR.

Morrow, GA 30260

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Kevin Richards is a walmart *** clown. He was terminated from walmart 15 years ago for stalking an assistant manager he caught feelings for.

Kevin still applies for his former position which was a cart pusher to this day. Kevin is a wet turd.

Face it Kevin walmart is not going to take you back. BWAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@yolo 44

15 years ago, I am 16 you fool 15 years ago I was just 17 months old at this time. This time the OP hit some shopping carts, what if it was a child or elderly person next. You really think some person like this should be driving, what if the child was your child or what if it were your grandpa or grandma he hit.


You need to learn how to drive, I hope you never get your car repair check, I hope you also lose your car. This time you hit a few shopping carts because they were in the way, what next an elderly person? A toddler?


You'll get it tomorrow.

Sam Walton

Ps nobody from Walmart reads this..


u should go to walmart parking lot and put a cart in front of every expensive car out there. that way walmart will have to pay lots of money.

teach them a lesson. jerks


Also, the store itself is not responsible for damage due to shopping carts. Its not Walmart's fault that customers leave carts all over the parking lot because they are too lazy to put them in the cart corral(did I spell that right?).


Poor, poor baby! The store itself isn't going to send you a check, it will come from their insurance company.

I also find it hard to believe that shopping carts did that much damage, and I am sure your car is driveable.

Make do with it until you get the check, I'm sure your car isn't the only car in town that has a dent/scratch on it.