On or about 2/15/2013 I returned unused item #815849010055 Swann Ceiling Alarm with Remote SW351 CAC for charge of $23.99 + tax $1.52 = $25.51 total ... I had paid with my Walmart credit card 6032203582088026. Return was made via FedEx order #2677215909470; PO #343156044.

I have requested at least one other time for my refund ... to no avail ... My patience is exhausted; I vowed never to use Walmart again until this matter is taken care of.

I am certainly not being too impatient when I request an immediate credit response to the above.

If for some reason this is not taken care of by Walmart, I shall pursue other means.


Paul Malavenda

74 Wildwood Rd.

Meriden, CT 06450

e-mail: paulm_core@sbcglobal.net

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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Hello Identity theives....


This is not Walmart's site. This is a consumer site. You did not just share personal info with Walmart, you just blasted it all over the internet.

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