Akron, Ohio
Not resolved

I went to Wal-Mart and was looking for some crossword books. I didnt find them in the book/magazine section so I located someone after walking around for several minutes trying to find an employee.

When I finally did I asked where I might find the crossword books. He looked at me stupidly and said "I think they are by the magazines." I said no they werent there. He shrugged and said "oh I dont know then. " And he walked away.

I did find them finally but I refused then to even drop a dollar to that store. They are horrible

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LOL Crossword books? You're going to raise *** over crossword books? You obviously have no life!


no that person was horrible, lazy, and clearly not experienced in customer service. Never allowed to say "I don't know" unless its followed by a "but I can find someone who can." And did you report that person because his attitude isn't going to change if noone reports him