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I just walked out of a walmart in Neptune, NJ with a rather weird experience. I walked in to buy a hard drive for my game system.

When the teller ran the item at the register it rang up for 177.00 but the tag showed it at 100. When I told the clerk of the error they first observed the tag and complied it did say a different price but they kept fighting the tag. They took the sku off the display and brought it to the counter and told me "o the sku's don't match so this isn't the right price". I asked about there honoring a shelf price even if it differs from the ring up price and I got a bunch of different excuses.

The first of course was the sku doesn't match, I will get to the rest in a few. After that I decided to keep my cool and just go to customer service and ask for a manager. Once the manager accompanied me to the department I showed her the product and the tag. The original salesman came over to try and fight my claims.

At first he told her that its not the right size hard drive, I pointed out to her that the tag said "xbox 360 hdd" and made no mention of a size. His next argument was the sku, I told her that the item was behind a glass and once you ask for a product they bring it to the counter to ring it up so there is no way to compare sku. Then she said the hard drive was in fact priced but the tag she pointed to was for a dvd player not the hard drive, once i informed her of the error they paused. Then she said since the product is about 6 inches out of the spot of the tag that they can not honor the price and when i pointed out there is no other tag with a different price anywhere in the department she said that they just don't have a tag printed for it.

I was forced to leave the store since I only had 130 in my account giving me not enough for the product. If a store has a policy they should honor it now I'm out of the product they had in stock that nobody else did and with awful customer support.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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:cry me a river
Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #12026

When you are talking about hard drive you are talking about electronics right and not the other "hard drive". You are talking about wal-mart the strore and not wal-mart the strip club right. You know the one where you pay men for them to to display their hard drive.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #12025

When talking about hard drive and disc's Yo are talking about computer related stuff right and not "the the other hard drive. You are talking about wal-mart the store, not wal-mart the strip club where people show their hard drive and ask for money to touch it.

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