I always go to WalMart because they claim to comp the prices of other stores. So I go into WalMart to do my weekly shopping and get to the check out line ONLY to be told that they dont comp chicken anymore?

So I had to have someone return all the chicken that I had at the check out counter? Why do they still advertise to comp all prices when they dont. I asked the lady how they can do that and she ended up telling me that WalMart carried Tyson Chicken and that they cant price comp Tyson chicken because the other ads dont say Tyson?

None of the other meat gives a name brand either so how can they pick which ones they want to do?

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #28391

They only comp the SAME item... I mean comeon.

you cant comp Tyson chicken for shop and save's store brand chicken... get real lady

Arboga, Vastmanlands Lan, Sweden #27505

My God, do you want to trade a Ford Focus for a Rolls Royce because they're both automobiles too?

Carnwath, Scotland, United Kingdom #27447

It's brand name to brand name....thought everyone knew that!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #26619

I believe the price match thing goes from Brandname to Brandname.

Morfelden-Walldorf, Hesse, Germany #26608

c'mon man - you sound like a pain in the *** who wants a free ride

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