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This is the a perfect example of why our unemployment rate is so high. All of their merchandise is made in(mostly china)other countrys.

So as long as people justify it as-people who dont have the money to pay more at least can buy things they need. NO this only keeps our nations economy down. If made in America means it costs more we would have the jobs to earn the income to pay more. So every time u go and buy anything not made in America u just screwed another man who cant make enough to give his kids the things it needs and or may be teased in school for being the only kid who didn't have something all other kids have.


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Sheesh, "All of their merchandise is made in(mostly china)other countrys." Well, no kidding. They don't sell anything that ALL the other stores aren't selling!

EVERYTHING is being made in China, or somewhere like it. Check the computer components you used to write your email!

Your concerns are about 30 years too late! Wake up.


I wish we all could and would. However, we do need to buy the items we need.

I looked for a heater not made in China. Could not find one. Again, corporate greed rules.

Where did they think we would get money to buy products without jobs or pay mortgages?

All that matters is profit. When the wages rise abroad jobs will return here at deflated levels.

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