I had entered the Walmart Store, and as I was standing facing the shopping carts trying to pull one lose that was stuck together. The employee had entered the door with a load of shopping carts..approx. 10, and rammed them into my back, I started yelling STOP, and fell to the floor, my head and my backside hit the brick wall, injuring my head, neck, shoulders, spinal area, and the lower part of my back down to my buttocks.

The employee walked over and looked down at me and said I am sorry and walked away.

Yesterday, I heard from Walmarts claims department, and I was informed that Walmartwill not authorize any medical treatments.

And, I was told by one of the witness, that an employee in the deli was very upset because the accident in their store caused them from receiving the store's $3,500 bonus.

The employee was more concerned about their bonus than my accident in their store caused by "their" employee.

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this story just sounds exaggerated in my opinion but who knows.


You probably deserve this. OP, how many personal injury cases do you have filed. Leach!!


why didnt you move when you heard the train of carts coming at you?dont you pay attention to your surrounding? you should use the thing on your shoulders called a brain....



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