I took my vacation pictures to Walmart in Spring, TX to be developed from film. They were on an underwater throwaway camera. The machine ate the film and they offered to give me a new camera. BIG DEAL!! These were pictures of the rain forest in Belize, someplace I will probably never get to go to again and they want to give me a replacement camera! How about the $700 so I can go on another trip to replace pics and NOT take them to Walmart to have them developed!

The clerk I talked to said that's all they could do

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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The envelope clearly says that if something happens to your film, your sole remedy is a free role of film. However, if I was the manager, I would have paid for you to take an exotic vacation to a far away remote jungle - with one-way airfare.


You are the one that took them there to get developed it happens machines break and guess what it can happen at any other places too next time buy a digital camera if you can afford a $700 Vacation then you can easily afford a $50 digital camera.


Take the replacement camera back with you to the sewer.


B S complaint. this exact same complaint is posted for several different companies. Original poster must be really bored.

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