Bismarck, North Dakota
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We called Wal mart, there 70 miles from us as we live in rural USA, we explained that we live 70 miles away on the phone, and that we needed to know for sure,we asked if they had a certain tv, they said yes we have two, so we drove the van up there, using the van for the room.

We got there they still showed two in inventory but could produce zero, there was another wal mart in the same city(Bismarck,ND) they two showed two in inventory so we drove the extra 12 miles only to fint that they still show 2 in inventory but also can not produce a single one so a round trip 168 miles $45.00 in gas down the drain.

comment all you want, but bottom line its happened before with the same wal marts but will not happen again to us!

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Why would i order it from them after they goofed up? and that was the closest store

I said rural.


no they had no tv's of that model at all except for the display...I was in management(loss prevention) for a different big name retailer so i specifically asked that he had physically seen one to sell.

Since this post Wal mart Had some one call and apologize...but none the less I am out the gas

money and time....Oopps Sorry!!!


The Tv's you were looking for were probably put on layaway by someone elce. When idems are put on layaway they are not taken out of inventory till they are paid off. That is one of the problems with the TOMAX system.

Why didn't you order it online and have them ship it to the store that is closest to you?