So... I've been shopping at Walmart for a while, and every time I go there, I always end up seeing the supermarket dirtier & dirtier.

Workers never ask if I want help either, and when I want to ask, I have to walk to the other end of the store for help, then once I find someone, they say " I'm nt in that section, Im not sure where that's at" so, I have to go looking for another person! By the time I get put of the store, I could've been home, the groceries all put away, and relaxing.

By the way, clean the store! I'm not gonna shop for my food when it is dirty, that makes me wonder what slips into my food I'm purchasing.

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People from Canada post the s t u p i d e s t comments! :p
They are good for a laugh, though! :grin

"Workers never ask if I want help either,"

So do you need mommy and daddy to speak for you, why not ask for help. In a situation like this you are damned if you do damned if you don't.

Some people if they ask if they need help they start yelling at them saying they are bothering them or accusing them of theft.

This is why it is best to ask if you need help. Walmart is generally a big store, do you really expect them to know where each item is.

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