Charlotte, North Carolina

I am not a happy customer I stay in Raleigh and I go to the store 2058 te front end manager was so disrespectful I think her name is Deadra she made a simple customer service question into un nessesary customer service a little while ago I was in the store and I lost some money 500 dollars I was trying to find a manager to talk to but end up running into a fsnb woman she directed me to the first manager she could find which was Deadra I asked if there was any kinda way she could look over the cameras and at least tell me where I thought i left it. If it could not be done she could have easily told me that but she wanted to be a *** yes a *** and tell me and the bank lady heard her whe she said it Deadra said Im goin to lunch, if I was a crazy woman it would have starte something.

Or a better way of saying that is Im goin to lunch but I can direct you to another available manager.

Her badge was on and she did not stand for it. Her work performance is way past poor and that wal*mart will never get another penny from me because of that *** heartless self.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Or do we have ten year old members on this site who have better grammar than her. I know I saw at least one letter from a ten year old and his/her grammar was better than this person's.


This person also lost money at Target, and Kmart. Probably hoping the manager will give money from the registers.

Funny but the same manager works at Target and Kmart.

If this is real you guys are being hard on her. Obviously from her lack of grammar and her inability to take care of her money this person is a child. Mommy and daddy should have been with her when she carried this much money. It is not their fault you are careless.

Even if did check the cameras chances are someone already took your money. Don't be angry at the manager because you are irresponsible.


why are you going around with $500.A@@hole



How is my comment racist? *** ***.

And yes, I am a ***


Yeah Sally knows how it feels to be *** as she is an ignorant fat ***

good for nothing racist *** !!!!


wal mart sucks ! :p


Next time, take that $500 to go back to school to learn proper English grammar and punctuation. Besides, WalMart is not your friend.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, any company that has billions of dollars in sales isn't going to give a @#** about the customer. Shop locally!!


"and that wal*mart will never get another penny from me"

...Good thing they got your $500 :)


Did you talk to the manager the way you posted on here? One big run on sentence filled with profanity and rude comments?

No wonder she didn't want to help you. You're an *** for losing $500 in a Walmart.

Not her fault you're ***. Have a great day!