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I worked as an unloader for six months. (surprised i made it that long) Well during the first week I was denied lunch by my supervisor and manager.

Called the human resources and had it fixed. Policy states that walmart HAS to give a lunch after each six hours worked. Supervisors put their hands on employees. (me in particular because im the smallest) We are given two hours to unload,organize and clean off trucks that can go from 1500 boxes all the way up to 2750 boxes with only four people.

Well wal mart writes everyone who took part in the unloading process for performance even though you arent properly trained. You set your availability and they mess it up and you really dont have time for sunday church or family. And when you bring it up management tells you that walmart is your life. When you apply at walmart you signed every waking hour to them.

If you do apply for a specific job, keep in ind walmart doesnt care what you signed up for. You work EVERY department. Even cleaning toilets if they ask.But anyway you get roughly four or five people to a truck and expect it to be done in two hours. If not.

Management is harder to replace so walmart will gladly fire you instead. Wal mart policy has a saying...its called "respect for the individual" And "act with integrity". If that means management can harass you constantly. You can be bullied constantly.

I dont want any part in it. When i started a manager made me really uncomfortable but i was still forced to work with him until i made it clear what was going on and i was given the okay by supervisor to go to a different area. 1 hour before i leave of course i am getting wrote up by the same guy who made me uncomfortable and i let him know my supervisor gave me the ok to leave that area and my supervisor LIED and claimed he was never consulted on the matter.

I went through the open door policy and and followed the so called steps and the store manager said to come see him in a few minutes and he will take the write up off and when i went looking for him 10 minutes later after helping a customer he was gone and i still have the write up in the system. Thaaaat was a month and a half ago so after all the bruised and scratches from supervisors "assaulting me" while im working i am pleased to say i quit this gruesome place we call walmart and feel more at ease.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Underpayment for cruel work environment..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Getting hung up on, Poor stocking, Getting disconnected from customer service.

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