Chicago, Illinois
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walmart on west pawnee employs people on drugs like diane morgan and stephanie powers and have been seen on the clock on drugs and several attempts to call wal mart have yielded nothing

stephanie is friends with dianne and has been seen under the influance of crack cocane and drunk publically

dianne has been seen smoking marajuana on her lunch break and driving under the influnance

dianne is also involved with some guy named charles commiting id thieft who did it agenst her daughter tammy morgan who works their too

it makes me extremeley leary to use my credit card or check book when in that wal mart

let the buyer beware

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Walmart only hire drug heads if they are drug heads with tatoos and piercing on their face..I did'nt hear nobody say that dianne and stephanie have tatoos and piercing on their face, so I don't believe that they work there..


stephanie at pawnee in wichita at 501e.pawnee was seen my me and my brother smokeing marajuana on south broadway stumbeling around and driving drunk with some white boy covered in tattoos with 2 kids in a saturn vue 2 weeks ago around the 1300 block of broadway,yeah,wal mart can`t hire to save der lifes this is bs


whats wrong with racist jokes they are funny, like this one i jusr read on anotherwalmat complain

what is the differene between a black man and pizza, the pizza feeds a family of four

whats the difference between a bench and blac man, the bench can support a family of four

whats faster than a black man running off with your tv, his homie running with your vcr

how do you know a chinese cheff has been in your house,

your cat was stolen, your computer is working better but still there


tammy at wal mart on rock road,is a really good example of screwed up people on drugs,her mom diane at the one on broadway said she had a serious drug problem,yet nothing is done to her,customer srevice refuses to put her on probation and she sells marajuana to minors(i think she quit using to avoid drug test masking elements,she ascociates with an id theif that even stole her id and she lied to det. in wichita so she could roll herself for more money,these ARE NOT the kind of people we need in customer service and wal mart is foolish for employing this perso

i am refering to 3030. rock road wal mart in wichita kansas


i work their and i can`t stand either of these people

their mean and seem very secretive about things their into that seem dishonest to me and a few other people who work here

but i guess that is just life


i`v seen her come back from work stoned and cuss customers under her breath

i saw her insult a hispaniac couple and shove all their stuff into bags offensiveley and i thought that was`t cool

and it`s on camera

i hear her tell racial jokes to me every now and then and treat blacks like *** and swear under her breath about how this country would be better without them

and i`m pretty sure she`s drinking pretty heavy again

i don`t know what her problem is

but i know i don`t like her


diane has got issues i know but look at the bright side she does`t run around with those dirty *** heads as much anymore and she`s got a lot of people talking smack on her but she`s not all that bad but the people her daughter still hangs around are up to no good and they kind of pull her down too,i think shes only got high like 4 times this month and only fools around with married men every once and a while as far as i know


stephie has ben with at least 6 guys since 12/01/09 and has affairs with married men,does that make her a criminal no it means nothing about that,just cause she has no morals does`t mean she is a raciest or a child batterer or abuses her bf`s,leave that to the law please :cry


steph is with a guy who is an alchoholiac and screams profanity at her and her children so what their all on drugs and abusive their not causing any trouble except amongst each other ya kno?


these people DO have many complaints agenst the so you know for other unrelated issues


These accusations sound like more of a personal vendetta than a complaint against WalMart. Be careful of what you accuse people of...make sure you are correct. You can damage someone's career and life with gossip.


are these two links related in any way?



If I can put in my 2 cents, I find nothing wrong with using drugs, as long as no one gets hurt. Driving under the influence is another matter, if this story is true. Sounds like a lot of flame-waring to me.


I work at this Wal-Mart and so did the OP and she thinks that Dianne and Stephanie were responsible for getting her fired. None of this is true.

No Irish, this person is not on drugs. This person did not go to school in United States.

English is not her first language. She did not go to school in the U.S.


Judging from the horrible spelling I would say you were high on crack when you wrote this letter yourself.


If you know someone is driving under the influence, why not contact the police so they can pull her over?