Butler, Kentucky

Ok, I will be the first to say I love Wally World but now I my feelings are little indifferent.

I went in one day and found a hat on sale for mom. She decided she didn't like it so I tried to take it back I went to the store I got it from they said I couldn't return it there because someone scratched through the bar code on the price tag.

I told them duh yeah that is what they did so it couldn't be scanned it had to be typed in due to the sale price sticker on top of the barcode why would I scratch over it? It would not benefit me in any way to do so. They still said no. So I tried about 3 more Wal-marts and same thing finally I went to return some shorts I bought at a Wal-mart close to my job and they took the hat great YES!!

She said they had some on the floor so she could do it. But that she could not take the shorts back. But I bought them here about 2 weeks ago I said. There are none on the floor she says so I can't take them back.

I said FINE!! just return the hat for me please I already wasted enought time, energy and not to mention Wal-mart gas going from store to store to get rid of this hat I will not do it again for these shorts. She gave me the money and my receipt back and mad as heck I walked out to my car.

I sat down to put my money away before pulling off only to notice the hat that I drove to 4 Wal-marts to return was only returnable to the tune of $2.80 less than what I paid for it.

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Ummm hey. If you have your reciept, and you didn't wear the item u would have been fine


I bet you feel like an ***.

people need to keep the things they buy instead of losing the receipt and thinking they can act a fool and get refunded.