Sherman, Texas
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Here's more stuff that Wal MArt shoppers do that make you cringe. Answer the phone "Hello, This is the electronics dept, may I help you?" customer " Yes,is this the ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT?" '_' .....

"Do you have any SMART TALK phones?" .....When they pay for things it's always the nasty gross women that pull their money out of their bra. Never the attractive women..Customers ALWAYS wanna open things to "see how it looks". There's a picture on the box! And then they buy the one they didn't open....They can't drive their buggies.

And they definantly can't drive the shopper go carts. They run into everything. I hear this alot too " You dont have anything cheaper?" You can't get Kendle Fires at the Dollar Tree,Lady...." You have the PLaystation ESP??? '_' They can't read..

"Do you have any of those TVs? How do you say it?" Me-" Sony?" '_' ...

Customers- I'm sure I'll be back with more,being that Black Friday is this week. Can't wait to see and hear what you do and say then.

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Most people that thumbed down this report are probably the people I'm talking about.


It is not just WalMart customers. Every retail establishment has their share of "strange" customers.