Killeen, Texas

I attempted to speak to the store Manager at the WalMart store in Temple, Texas today. He wasn't there however they connected me to an Assistant Manager who used the name Ann.

She never let me finish my initial sentence instead interrupting me, berating me, belittling me, speaking down to me and when I tried to get her to stop running her mouth so I could explain the situation she accused me of yelling at her. THANK GOD I had a witness to the conversation. At one point when she took a breath and I could say something I asked her if she was going to let me finish my sentence to which she sarcasticly responded "well of course honey you go right ahead".. I have never and will never experience that level of disrespect and sarcasm from a lower low level manager in a store again.

I've contacted corporate and will voice my complaint in writing to each and every executive at WalMart via registered mail. I'm appalled ANY employee of ANY organization would consider it an option to speak to someone like she spoke to me. I'm very educated, very well respected in my field and am not one to complain without a reason. I have decided as a result I will NOT go to WalMart for any reason and have asked all my prescriptions be moved to another drugstore.

I've also shredded my Sam's Club card. I won't do business with any organization that has an employee who thinks they have the liberty to speak to someone like I was spoken to period.

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Maybe you ought to take time to understand these employees. They work long shifts for little pay and they are forced to respect people who won't respect them back.

They would much rather be working somewhere else and in something better. I am sure you were probably the rude one first.




Temple walmart espicially the deli have nothing but home wreckers who try to break up marriages kc and michelle ar among those employees who ruin peoples lives


I am with you on the no shopping at Wal Mart. I have had my own experience with them as well.

I have worked in customer service myself in the past and this is for all the ignorant people posting on here. "The customer is always right" That is one of the mottos in retail.

It doesn't matter the situation or what the customer says or how they say it. An employee, especially managers, do not have any right to be rude and unprofessional PERIOD!!!!


The fact that you just went in and she was automatically rude and hateful to you doesn't make much sense. I have a feeling that you are leaving out the part of the story where you came in and started being a *** to her right off the bat because you are mad at the world and need an excuse to take it out on someone.

Working in retail as long as I have, I have noticed that the majority of the time when customers complain that an associate or manager is rude to them it is usually because the customer is rude, hateful, and combative to the associate from the minute they walk up to them. Associates and management will work to try to solve your problem, but if you are one of those crazy, hateful lunatics that can't be pleased no matter what then they are not going to keep wasting their time with you.

@I call bull*** on this story

First of all you werent with him secondly temple tx walmart managers are very rude its happend to me


ok one less problem they have to worry about is you are not going back.Sure they will be happy to hear that


Walmart is a fast past job.The people who work there go throught alot.Everyone has a bad day.And working for the public sometimes you take it out the wrong way.That does not mean they are All bad. I think they do a very good job.The store is clean.The workers are always nice(even nicer if you are nice)And they work hard.Thank you for being there so we can have the things we need


Ok? You seem to be living out part of the story here.

Is that because you went in there and started berating and belittling her first??

I highly suspect that it is. She isn't just going to go off on you at the drop of a hat.


So did she belittle you kind of like how you are belittling her? What does being well educated and respected in your field have to do with anything?

If someone isn't well educated that it is alright to berate and belittle them?

And just because she is an employee of Wal Mart she doesn't deserve to be spoken to in a condescending way either. You have a very elitist view of yourself.


Lol @ "annoyedemployee" - looks like ms. manager found her way here :zzz

I have had a similar experience with the Anchorage Wal Mart, and will never shop there again. The quicker everyone realizes that these stores and many of their employees are harboring this type of attitude towards their customers, the better.