San Antonio, Texas
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This Walmart is selling expired yogurt so please be very careful. I've tried telling their employees about expired yogurt but nothing has been done.

I came across this incident on January 3, 2011 and just recently January 28, 2011. The same product and the same expiration date 12-10-10 on both occasions. These yogurts are my kid's favorite. I believe this was the cause of us getting sick on Dec 2010 with terrible stomach aches.

We had to take medication for days. My family and I shopped there because of the prices being lower than other stores but that's over.

I rather pay more for the better of my family's health. Plus no matter how rushed I am I will now make it a habit to check for expiration on all food products period.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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When you see expired food items on store shelves and refrigerators contact the health department food inspectors by dialing 311 and if during working ours will connect you or off hours they will give you the phone number and you can leave your complaint with them on the answering machine. Just be sure you leave the address, time, and day and event and be sure you ask them to please send someone to advice the store to remove them.

Heb was inspected and expired food item on shelf and refrigerator where ordered to be thrown away. If the establishment refuses they lose their license to sale food as of that order.


shut both your pie holes.


You are correct however; I had informed the Walmart employees about the issue in two separated occasions. Weeks later the same product with the same expiration date was still on the shelves that’s when I decided to do posted to inform the issue.

It ONLY took one time that I got distracted and forgot to check the expiration date on the product the time that we got sick for your information. 8)


Most people check the expiration dates on dairy product BEFORE purchasing. Especially if it's for their family. Not that it makes Wal-Mart innocent here, but you should take some responsibility for not checking the expiration dates yourself in the store.