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Greetings Everyone,

I waiting a couple of days to call back and discuss the incident with that specific location's top management. I also expressed the unnecessary & eager involvement of an over zealous, no common sense Sherman officer.

To the location GM I explained what had occurred in the same detail order as the initial entry here for public view. Once I completed relaying my details, and the names of all parties involved, the General Manager stated, "I offer you my sincere apology, this was not handled properly. Is there anything I can do".

I further explained my dilemma now I have items which still need to be returned to Wal-Mart. I further explained now that this referenced receipt is worthless due to the Sherman,TX Wal-Mart CSR & CSM/Manager's purposeful actions had destroyed a large section of my receipt unreadable and unusable. The result is my ability to execute any future repeat return attempt concerning these same items at ANY Wal-Mart location would be a completely futile effort. This GM then humbly stated, "Again, I apologize this incident happened and especially that it was not handled in a common sense manner. I understand you live about a hour from here, so please call me ahead to notify me when you will be in the area and have time to meet in the future. I also will provide you with a '$50 Wal-Mart Gift Card' to cover your Gas expense & time invested for your round trip".

At this point, I honestly was shocked that I had finally had reached a Wal-Mart Mgr. who displayed common & business etiquette. Wow! I told him I was getting ready to vacation overseas for about a 60 day period. He assured me he would still be aware & honor his promise upon my return.

About 9 weeks later, upon my return from Asia, I finally had time to stop by the Sherman Wal-Mart location with the said items. I had called ahead to coordinate our meeting time. I introduced myself at the Customer Service counter and the GM I had been communicating with was already waiting for me. The location GM proved to be a man and business man of his word, he followed through with his promise, and I then departed the Sherman, TX Wal-Mart location.

Folks, here is my summary & conclusion:

Let's face it, we live in a big world out here - there are lots of people, with many different views, ideas and perceptions of 'what's right'. This is fine, that is what makes the world such a wonderful place. My sole problem with this whole situation is individual employee's within a company/business entity mistreating another human being. Let me clarify my personality type a little deeper - I am not just bringing my situation to light. I have witnessed situations over the last 20 years where someone is being mistreated in public - more than once, I have stepped in to ward of the 'Bully' - sometime an individual, a recent incident at the Dallas, TX Veterans Hospitial on Lancaster Rd., and....sometimes a private business entity attempting to abuse and/or mistreat another human being. Many businesses today [including U.S. Politicians/Government] act as though they can do, say and treat others anyway they want, and we are suppose to just 'deal with it'. Americans use to understand the word R E S P E C T . By the way, just so anyone who reads this gets a clear picture, I am not a twenty something man, I served our country for ten full years, am a U.S. Disabled Veteran, have an M.B.A. [Summa *** Laude / G.P.A. 4.0] and finished my formal education while also financially taking care of my family - instead of the U.S. Tax payer's supporting us. I have sacrificed, so I really take offense when I run into others who don't have and display basic global human courtesy.

My reaction comes from [Luke 6:31], "Do unto others, as you would have them do to you". Yes, I am quoting what Christians understand as the wonder of Jesus. Jesus is not simply one more man espousing love and respect for humanity. He is the One. The One who, at his own divine initiative & in expression of his own divine nature, loves the world, even when the world hates & rejects Him.

This is not some generic moral principles. He comes [to us] out of sheer grace, to do to the world what the world should have done to Him. Remember,"We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

Wake up America.....it's not Wal-Mart who is primary issue. It's that we are allowing non-Christians to discredit the fact that our beloved U.S.A., and our founding values are Christian values.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2013

On June 7, 2013 I entered the Wal-Mart at the corner of Hwy 82 & Hwy 75 in Sherman Texas to execute a product returns. I am certainly glad I made the trip, instead of my wonderful, hardworking wife. The Wal-Mart CSR took my receipt, after a couple of minutes of waiting; she states she needs to go ask her boss a question. She comes back hands me back my receipt either she or her boss has now basically made completely unreadable by writing and blacking out two certain line items. I ask her what is the issue, and she states, "I have been told I cannot conduct this return for you". At this point, I look down, and examine my receipt and then ask her "If you decided to not execute my return request, then why have you and your supervisor basically damaged and destroyed my receipt"? Of course she had no credible or reasonable response or reason. Then, I asked her, "Can you please go get your store location GM please"? After being gone shortly, she comes back with the same CSM she had conferenced with earlier. I again asked for the location GM, I got a snotty, sarcastic utterance, and groan as this CSM lady as she leaves to go get the store location manager. After about another four to five minutes, this supposed store manager shows up, yelling. Yes, yelling out much louder than required, "Who's the one [not "Which Customer..."] returning the Baby Formula return"?

Her very next declaration statement is, “I am in charge”, which is typically never a good sign when dealing with what normally turns out to be a business person who has been promoted into a management or leadership position, however, they still have not matured enough to understand that this position also requires at least a small amount of listening skills to truly be effective. I stated that I was the Customer that has the Baby Formula, and ask her why she is yelling. She completely ignores my question, still in a loud, overbearing voice begins defending a debate [argument] position when she still does not even have a clue or understand WHY I am upset. So, I listen to her broadcast for the duration of her thoughts and the points she is making [which had ZERO to do with why I was upset]. After she is finished venting on "why we can't take this return", I stated, "I understand you want me to take this to the store on the receipt, however, you have damaged my receipt and are now trying to hand it back to me. I am asking for some sort of valid Wal-Mart document to show the two items which your store location staff has blacked out on my receipt since I arrived here have NOT been successfully returned at all, and that my [this] specific receipt is still valid. At this point, she tells me she is not willing to execute my request.

The next thing I know, there is a Sherman [youngster] "detective" displaying an attitude like I am in this store to rob it, when he has still absolutely has no clue on what is even going on. This officer asks me to leave, which I am in the process of doing. As I am walking out, I express I will be filing a formal complaint with the Bentonville, AR headquarters. Solely because of making this comment, now the actual and REAL store manager who had finally shown up, extremely overweight, and smells like he has not bathed in weeks tells the officer that he now wishes to file CT charges. However, before it is all over, the now present store manager changes his mind and decides not to file. Additionally, when I asked this youngster Officer/Detective to see his official identification, he refused to produce any offical PD ID, or a ID/Business Card, and again threatens to arrest me on CT, if I don't leave. Now, isn’t that nice? [Yes, I am being sarcastic]

Let me be clear. I could care less about whether the return was executed, or not. My issue is with the way this incident was handled, and mainly the destruction of my receipt, which is MY Property. Now the additional time which I will end up being required to spend at the other [originating sale location of in hand items], while not only waiting in their CS line, but then waiting for them to call and verify with the Sherman, TX location that they in fact damaged my receipt [if they can even get someone credible and with a memory on the telephone], and that this is still a valid return. All I asked this Sherman, TX location to provide me was any sort of official documentation to minimize when I take these items back to the originating sale store - since no one wants to spend extra time waiting for two Wal-Marts locations to exchange and coordinate specific information. I think we can all agree that it's hard enough to get timely action while at one location.

Wal-Mart may have low prices, but it seems that their Managers regularly lack common sense and what most of regular daily American society would call normal etiquette. Maybe situational and reactionary training should be part of their initial and ongoing management/leadership training.

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I used to work at a Walmart. Their return system has nothing to do with work.

All they had to do was scan the bar-code on the receipt and the walmart system would of taken care of the rest. There was no need to do any manual labor other than the CSM being a *** and extremely lazy.


Yes, We have store security they are in plain clothes and walk around like they are shopping looking for shop lifters. I whole heartedly believe the statement, I have seen them accuse customers and then search them and find nothing and their receipt with all of their purchases in their cart.

Our store had a lawsuit filed 2 years ago when a pregnant woman was detained and treated badly they said she wasn't pregnant and she was her baby was born premature 2 days after the incident she was taken to the hospital from the store and the doctors tried to delay the birth but the emotional torment the store security put her through was too much for her.

WM will be paying for that for years to come btw the security guy was fired.


A lot of your complaint doesn't make sense. It could have been accomplished with less words.

The fact that your resorted to name calling also wasn't necessary to make your complaint credible plus it makes you look small. The store security officer might have looked young but some people look younger than they actually are. I highly doubt that he was the detective that you said unless the police department had been called because of your attitude.

Why didn't you go to the original store to begin with?