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This wal-mart is located on e colonial drive in orlando fl supercenter...full of *** nasty retards that work there beware

I went to walmart oil tire *** nightmare place to get a battery replaced. a battery replacement should take appx 10 minutes or less. Yes there were cars in front of me and i waited---1.2 hours...finally i had to leave to go somewhere and the moment i went to leave, the *** techs said "OH you had the battery replacement and they went to pull my car around." Had i not done that-- they wouldnt have even gotten my car. This place is HORRIBLE. All i know car was more wrecked than when i came. I had a warranty from a previous battery and told the manager it was a 2 yr warranty and got the battery in 09 replaced in 11.

She--the *** incompetent manager, as every employee there is *** and incompetent, said "oh ok its a THREE year warranty and ASSURED me it would be free--she was lying of course." She completely understood waht i said but lied of course. There was some *** fat man there that gave me the correct info but was rude and dumb and then the manager lied and gave me the WRONG info. Finally, when i had ot leave after waiting 1.2 hours and they said they'd get my car done, i got the battery and they said it wasnt free and would cost the new battery. Ok fine....after much fussing I had to pay....the lady also told my relative on the phone I told her it was a THREE year warranty and she lied-- i never told her that. Why are the white trash trashy idiots of wal-mart *** employees lying abotu waht people say?? its as if they just have you wait the MAXIMUM amt of time possible and PROLONG your hellish experience there, lie to you...*** over. If I hadn't walked outside I bet my car STILL wouldn't have been taken care of by now. So finally...I ask if my relative can pay over the phone-- oh NO wal-mart cant taek anything over the phone-- really??? almost any otehr company does except walmart the land of ***... so Im waiting to pay. Instead of them thinking---ok it was her turn anyway....i had already been waiting 30 minutes for the battery issue after waiting 1.5 hours....they took the customers in front of me-- which were LONG LONG transactions which took an extra 20-30 minutes of waiting. Sure I get that theyre busy adn have tons of customers, but seriously....why aer they giving wrong and false information to people....and then lying about what they say and taking like 2.5 hours for a *** battery change?? Wtf???

I asked the manager specifically and she ASSURED me it would be free---oh she was SO CONFIDENT---what a LIAR??? so they make you WAIT AND WAIT and lie to you-- and wont even do your car??? walmart is the WORST.....price??? screw NEVER going there again though i have to now that i had to get a battery from there but NEVER AGAIN..... then....FINALLY i got to pay....then it took them another 20 MINUTES to put the *** battery in....why??? b/c theyre more interested in getting the tire changes done....than helping ouit peopel whose TURN IT IS....

I went to check the battery to make sure ti was the one i bought...teh guy acted as if i didnt buy it and seemed surprised i got it and wanted to see my if i was poor or cheap....then, i went to check my car and soem *** tech had spilled a drink that was there ALL OVER MY SEAT---thanks *** retarded walmart idiots....for spilling my drink everywhere---so you go to get a battery change...wait 3 hours...get lied to....screwed over...have to purchase one anyway get rude attitudes forced to wait UNNECESSARY extended periods of time AND the incompetent retards spill your drink everywhere.... also my door handle and locks were NOT WORKNIG SMOOTHLY And someone had GRABBED my handle too hard---so they damage your vehicle too!!! WALMART IS THE WORST PLACE EVER....this greedy multibillion dollar hellhole run by schmucks and *** ON EARTH BEWARE TAKING YOUR CAR THERE U NEVER KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON....this si the *** wal-mart on e colonial drive in orlanod but it happens at ALL OR MOST OF THEM BEWARE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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The cedar falls iowa is just like it! Bunch of *** is all they hire. They've had several complaints of leaving tire nuts loose!


people need to stay away from Walmart auto service,you are not saving money by going there,instead you burning your money,spend little more money go to a real garage and they wiil fix it right! You get what you pay for,but people do not get it!


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If it's so easy to change a battery, why not just do it yourself? Go to AutoZone or whatever, pick up the battery, and plug it in.

A kid can do it. You sound like an impatient child with a ME FIRST!!

attitude. Grow up, shut up, and acquire some manners.


yeah, the original poster and urmomhasaids are *** weird. they're the losers here.


Wow...I've never heard of WALMART providing the waranty on a battery. Thought that was the manufactuers responsibility.

Wow....complain about something that should have taken 10 mins, but dont have the ability apparently to do it yourself as you had to have your battery replaced for you.

Wow....admit there were people ahead of you in line, and complain you had to wait. What a loser.


urmomhasaids I bet you got fired from Walmart or have a criminal record for theft for stealing at Walmart that is why you are bashing them. Also by your lack of spelling and grammar it is apparent you are the OP.


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you're just mad because they didn't want to lube your *** for you.


You write at a 3rd grade level. And your actions towards the nice employees was wrong.

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So the cheapest place to get your oil change is also the worst at service? Who would have thought.

And here I am going to the dealer for service and paying 10x what you are just for fun! Who knew I was doing that for better service.

I sure didn't! id10t