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We took our car a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer to Walmart for it's regular oil change and vehicle checkup.During the checkup it came to our attention that the transmission dipstick had been broken off and they could not check the fluid in the transmission.They said they did not do it and that it most likely happened the oil change before which was also at a Walmart.At that time we were told by Barry (the service mgr) it was okay to drive the vehicle .One week later the transmission locked up and had to be towed to a transmission specialist who said the faleure was do to lack of fluid in the transmission.We feel that in fact the dipstick was broke off at the previous oil change by a walmart employee and he simply got rid of that part of the dipstick and signed off on the transmission to relieve himself of blame not telling us the the stick had been broken and unable to check the fluid.If he would have informed us of this issue it could have been solved with out the $2900 cost for a transmission rebuild.We filed a claim with CMI (Claims Management Inc.)Phone # 888-213-7534 (we dealt with a Barb there who was rude talked down to us and even called the mechanic at the transmission shop a liar and that the transmission had to have a leakage issue and she would have to deny the claim he explained to her that there were no leaks and it was a walmart topping off issue.When CMI received the statements from the walmart fluid checkers not mechanics (which barb at CMI called them) they had changed the statements made and told her that they never told us it was okay to drive the vehicle and did not recall placing blame on the previous Walmart oil change.We went to our Attorney's office on 2-27-09 and are in the process of suing Walmart and CMI.Please take our advice and never let Walmart fluid checkers touch your vehicle as the internet shows that they have more complaints than praises.This will be taken to the next level and will make it a life long goal to expose Walmart Automotive.We would love to start a class action suit against Walmart and CMI.If anyone reading this has had a problem with Walmart Automotive would like to join this class action please notify us at as we have a attorney that would love to do it.

Consequences. Describe the economic or physical damage that resulted.

Transmission cost $2900

3 weeks without the vehicle

Treated like a *** and lied to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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Walmart automotive techs are some of the sloppiest mechanics around. I'll never take my vehicle to Walmart ever again.


My 2004 Trailblazer just had the same problem. Except my oil was changed at the dealer who told me about the problem, recovered the fallen dipstick and proceeded to check the fluid levels anyways.

Dipsticks are NOT available through regular auto part stores, have to go through the dealer or a junk yard. It's like $20 for the dipstick - I'll buy a new one so it lasts longer than getting one from a junk yard but it should be known for most drivers that all fluid levels need checked on a regular basis and lack of fluid can and likely will destroy your vehicle.

If they told you they didn't check it that should have been a clue! PS - I DO NOT like Wal Mart but I do believe in people being able to support themselves and not blame everyone else for something within their own control.


It's a known problem from G M. Dip stick rust out at top and falls into transmission. All Trailblazers will do this.


That\'s because you are one.


My question is why criticize others for everything you have them do, when you are too *** to do it yourself. I mean oil changes are extremely easy.

You just don't want to get your precious hands dirty. True, I am not saying that they did no wrong, but you are an *** if you think that every auto department at walmart is that bad. Take it out on the people that deserve it. Also, you might want to think about riding a bike instead of driving, since I believe that if you drive a car, you should be able to do some maintenence yourself.

I was a TLE service manager at a walmart and I worked with ASE certified mechanics. The people in the dept. have no say on who gets hired or not. You are just a dumb b**** that has no clue about the vehicle you are driving.

Have a nice day.

Also, it is nice out. Perfect for a bike ride.


My 2004 (86,000 miles) Trailblazer's transmission dipstick completely rusted out for no apparent reason and fell into the pan. I had my mechanic remove the pan, drain it and install a new filter, dipstick tube and dipstick.

The only one at falt is GM engineering. This vehicle has been nickel diming me to death.

Wheel bearings, brakes, tires, windsheild wiper motor, heater fan control resistor, CD player jammed, rear tail light unit. I have owned this for 4 years and may never buy another chevy.


WHY did you wait a WEEK??? If it were my vehicle, my *** would have been at the auto store buying a dipstick so I could check the fluid. Wow, don't you feel like a dipstick!!