Honolulu, Hawaii

I recently decided to buy my son a bicycle. I asked him to research product brands at different retailers.

The bicycle and the accessories he decided on where advertised on-line at Wal-Mart's official web page. After work; I met my son at Wal-Mart in Honolulu, HI. The store is located next to the Ala Moana shopping center. While gathering together the bicycle and the needed accessories my son stated that the bicycle kit that contained a headlight, tail light, water bottle & it's holder and a tire pump was more expensive than what they were advertising on their web site.

After seeing this compliant for myself; I offered to seek out a store manager to ask why. We eventually located a store employee, we stated our compliant to them, to which we were given an explanation that made absolutely no sense. I asked the individual to explain to me how a company that buys merchandise in huge bulk quantities to save the consumer money (their phrase used in explanation), could charge more "in store" than what they advertise on their web page. I received an unsatisfactory response and asked to speak to a manager.

The manager was never notified. In the intervening minutes that passed by, a different Wal-Mart employee was asked to explain the situation to us in a manner that made some kind of sense. During the course of the conversation my son pointed out that to buy the product on line would necessitate an additional fee for shipping.

This individual eventually ended their explanation with a shrug of their shoulders and the statement "Wal-Mart does not honor their web advertised prices in Alaska and Hawaii."

To which I stated, " too bad, because you have just lost a two hundred dollar sale in this store. I will buy what my son wants at Target or Kmart, even if it costs more."

All this because Wal-Mart wants to scam the American consumer out of a $10.00 dollar difference that they themselves promote.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Experience and their attitude.

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Ok, its really easy. Walmart posted a policy that says they don't match online prices in AL or HI.

Not very hard to grasp, is it? I mean,like, really, if you're in AL or HI, they don't match online prices. If you find yourself suddenly in AL or HI you pay the price on the shelf in the store, or you go online and order it. Not sure how it can be any more clear.

Your unwillingness to "hear" it is something of your problem, no?

Anyway, you ask why? That's even easier.

The Store has to pay taxes, keep lights on, pay associates to answer your inane questions, managers to answer them yet again, and you get to take your stuff home that same day. And, not to put too fine a point on it, but it's Walmart's property and they can choose to sell it to you any way THEY wish.


just go to the bike rack there at that store with a box blade and use it on all the bicycle tires. Teach wmart some tough love.


The response was "unsatisfactory" only because it was not what you wanted to hear. Get over it.


Yeah and then she takes her anger out on her son. Someone needs to take that child from her.


You know what is worst about this situation I got so angry at the company that I lost my patience with my son as well. I told him that he was not getting a bike at all.

This was a birthday gift for his 12th birthday and I got so angry at him because the idiots working there would not honor the online price that I slapped him and told him that he had to walk home. Unfortunately on his way home a police officer noticed him walking home and asked him if he was alone. He told the police officer that I was angry at him and left him to walk home after slapping him. The police officer told me that this was considered child abandonment and child abuse.

He said it was lucky that my son was picked up by him and not some stranger or I may not have seen my son alive again. He was very rude to me about leaving my 12 not five year old son to walk home.

This ruined my son's 11th birthday because I was already angry they would not honor the online price. This is Walmart's Happy 12th Birthday for George.


Sorry for the typo in the second last sentence 12th birthday, not 11th birthday. Thanks to Walmart I was so angry that my son did not get anything for his 12th birthday.

The reason I was angry at him was because he told me that he learned that online prices are usually lower, he read this online. I told him he was lying and to shut up, he told me if I checked the internet and researched this I would see this, at this time I got so angry with him that I slapped him and told him he was not getting anything for his 12th birthday because he made me so angry that I did not want to spend money on him.

I told him I did not want to deal with him and he had to walk home.


Your son is correct, most stores even Kmart and Target have lower prices online than in the store. Perhaps doing some research instead of beating on your son would benefit you.

You have anger issues and I am glad the police officer got to your son before a child molester did. You should be thanking the officer and giving up your parenting rights. 12 year old's are abducted too you know. I hope this experience with the police frightened you and you don't treat your son this way again.

You are one selfish ***, think about your son, how he will remember his 12th birthday for the rest of his life. You are a piece of work and a horrible parent. You are a horrible person altogether and need to work on your anger.

I am glad the police talked about your behavior towards your son before you caused more phsical or emotional damage.