Mesa, Arizona

I bought a truck battery 9 months ago @ Wally World & it stopped charging. Took it back with the receipt & 3 year warranty, they tested it, it was bad so I got a new one.

Good right??? No the new battery has no warranty. I was told that they no longer offer warranties on batteries. So when this *** battery dies I wont be going to Wally World.

Actually I think I will boycott WW. They're getting to big for there britches.

We as consumers don't have to put up with this kind of corporate BS. Hit em where it counts, shop elsewhere.

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I expect what happened is that the 'replacement' battery is not warrantied. The original warranty was satisfied by giving you a new one and the warranty does not continue on to the replacement one.

A completely new battery with a new transaction is warrantied.

this is common for replacement warranties on most things.

You misunderstood them.


This is all true. After they replace, your new ones will not be covered.


I just bought 2 batteries for my diesel truck and both have 3 yr warranty. I am not sure what battery you bought....but you may have bought one without a warranty.

Maybe a AAA!? LOL


I just bought my 3 months ago at Walmart, my receipt shows 3 yrs warranty. Call them back. 8)


All because there isn't warranties on batteries anymore? Right. I bet you'll be back shopping at Wal-Mart in a week.