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We arrived at a Wal Mart in WV at 3:30 am on black friday, and they were already sold out of the 32" emerson tvs that were to be sold at 5:00 am. Nowhere in the ad did it say to be at the store the night before to get a ticket.

I'm sure the store employees families knew to be there though.When we asked a couple of employees about the tvs, their response was the same "we're sold out but we have a samsung for 3 hundred...". I left with nothing.

I have a choice about where to spend my money, and I will spend at Target.

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smith1, tell that to the family who is missing the person that was killed... "oh that guy can be replaced..."


i was there on thursday n they told me the sale was for friday at five a.m but i was there at 4 n the tvs were already gone n they had the wii for 249.? they said it was a bundle i didnt c any bundle bout that they said i had to go online for the bundle they had on the ad i did it was different notttt same ;x


I agree that this year Walmart scammed everyone and clearly falsly advertised! I went at midnight, because we called and were told the store would close and the doors would open at midnight...Instead they didn't close and had let every pick their stuff whenever and just told them they couldnt check out til midnight.

I was fortunate cause we heard rumors while shopping that you had to be there at 2am to get a braclet for the 5am items. I was astonished at that because the advertisement said 5am and did not say anything about reserving one at an earlier time!

I understand the reason for the braclet, but they should have been handed otu at 5am...OR the add should have said to reserve it at 2am. It was NOT fair to those who came for the 5am sale, only to learn they had all already been sold at 2am!


An item that I wanted was available and online as advertised, but not at the time advertised to me. All the ads stated X item on sale online at midnight.

However when I tried to buy X at 12:31 AM, the prices were not discounted and Walmart would not honor the advertised price. Why? Because the sale started at midnight Mountain time, not EST where I live.

How deceptive is that! They didn't think to adjust the mailed and emailed ads to say 'midnight' depended on your time zone.


@ Jessica, my deepest sympathy goes out to the person that was killed last year; but the bottom line is you can not advertise all over the world sayng you will begin your sale at a certain time and no honor what you have advertised. Come on.


I work at walmart and though i dont like working there its still a job. Just because I dont like my job doesnt mean that I or others treat customers disrespectfully.

Although there are times when people scream, curse and sometimes get pyhsical wih us that we would like to. There is nothing in that store worth yelling or cursing at a complete stranger over. You have to understand that most of the time when we are giving you information its what we have been handed down from our managers. That usually consists of 5 or 6 different stories.

You cant blame the associates for the way the managment and the company run things. As far as the black friday items being limited, the ads tell you the items are available while supplies last. Most of the time the vendors only send us a limited amount of items becuase if they gave us a large surplus of them they would lose money for offereing them so cheap. You cannot expect to go into a walmart on black friday at 5am when the sale starts and get that tv or laptop you want.

You can watch the news and see the lines wrapped around the corner of the stores. Its like any other sale first come first serve.

I really cant see the big deal about any of the items anyways, most of them are only at a 10% discount anyways. Its really not worth your time.I just think people need to calm down and look at what your getting so upset about, is it really worth it.


Who cares if they got killed. Not my fault.

Why should I have to suffer because of this. ALso they got someone to replace that worker.


Its black friday at walmart and you really expected the iten you wanted to still be there? You are nuts.


They do that now because an innocent employee last year at Walmart was killed because of crazy black Friday shoppers.. the tickets are for safety measures.. you ever think about that one?


MY QUESTION IS THIS>>>>>> Why isn't the MEDIA jumping on this one? It was a FRAUD or SCAM however you want to categorized.

I did contact my local news station when it was happening and was told, "We don't have any reporters." Is it not being blast all over the media because its the famous "Walmart" and the media is afraid to tackle them. I know I will NOT be shopping at Walmart in the near future.