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I went into Wal-Mart vision centre June 11 2012 and booked an eye appointment. My appointment was booked for June 15, 2012. On this day I ordered my glasses (I had my own frames). It took till July 6, 2012 to return. They were really blurry. Ian said I needed to try them for two weeks to get used to them. I tried them for two weeks and gave them back on July 20, 2012. I told them to lower the blur line for the progressive because I cannot see at all; it's dangerous for me to be wearing them. They sent them back.

The glasses came back and I went in August 20, 2012. I could see pretty well except for a small blur. The optician and I thought I needed to get used to them. On Thursday evening, August 23, 2012, I pondered why they were still blurry to me. I was playing with my ponytail and brought it over my right eye. All of a sudden, everything was clear. I closed my right eye. Everything was clear, including reading. I closed my left eye. I could not see anything. Not one thing. Friday August 24, 2012, I went into Wal-Mart again.

I advised Ian of my findings. He said he could not do anything for me. I could get a refund for the glasses but not the eye exam. He could book me an eye exam and see why the prescription might be wrong. I left with another appointment -annoyed that I now have to wait till Sept 6 2912, for another eye appointment and I will have gone back for the fourth time, without my proper glasses in hand. I am stuck because they will not refund the eye exam so I can go to someone else, instead of these buffoons.

In the very least, they could give me proper sunglasses free (I gave them my sunglasses frames). They should recompense me for my time, gas and energy. How utterly aggravating this is. I have never in my 50 years encountered such ***. Almost three months to get my glasses correct? I have been wearing glasses since grade four and have never had this problem, ever. I will be posting to Pissed Consumer and as well the Better Business Bureau.

I never did get a call from a three month long complaint about their washrooms either. I also never did get a call on the Regal Nails rip off from my niece of $20.00 either. I don't think Wal-Mart really cares about customer service at this point. They are another corporation that thinks of their bottom line dollar profits.

I have also cancelled my daughter's appointment because I won't have Wal-Mart messing up her contact lenses like they did my glasses. Her eyes are very important and with these people it is likely they will destroy her eyes. That is exactly how I feel. I wonder if that right lens has screwed my vision now. If so I should be thinking of contacting my lawyer and in the least contacting the media about this sham.

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