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3 days ago i ordered an ipad and a case for it via online the next day they cancelled my order so, i replied and got nothing back. when a customer is ready to order they expect to get their product of choice.

The next day i decided to order it again thinking maybe, it was just a computer clitch. They cancelled the order again. They are the only company that takes 2 charges out of my credit card per transaction and now they have wasted my name (which i hate more then anything) i have to wait for the payments to be processed back.

If they had a problem with my order (there was plenty of money to cover the order) they should have called me right away. I don't care what "special" sale they have i will not step inside walmart or walmart.com i do feel bad for the employees that have to work for such a *** company

Monetary Loss: $566.

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Walmart processed my order and than 3 hours later cancelled it , I was pissed I lost money and time Walmart online sucks !! False advertisement


I don't care what "special" sale they have i will not step inside walmart or walmart.com This was posted in June 11 2012. Probably went to a Walmart on June 19 2012 and 100 other times after that.


Right on!


Exact same thing happened to my husband. We hate Walmart.


I checked my email an wal mart told me my order would be here today the 14 of Dec. I called just to be sure of eta. An was told my order had been cancelled on the day it suppose to arrive.


Walmart cancelled 2 orders, I finally gave up and bought at another store with no problems. 2 weeks before Christmas and I have $630 being held on credit card, which will take 3-5 business days to release.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I'll never buy anything through walmart online or at their physical store ever again. Good thing I didn't try a 3rd time like the walmart online rep wanted or I'd have no money for gifts this Christmas.


Had same exact thing happen...over it and them!


Walmart sucks. They don't care about your issue because, well, it's Walmart!

Your puny order means nothing to this huge conglomerate. They don't need you. I just ordered an E gift card 4 times, and it went through and then cancelled. They don't care.

I've been trying since last night. All I can do is *** They suck.


How the *** do they keep getting away with this? I ordered a tv on Nov.

23. they withdrew $703..... from my online banking. And cancelled my order the next day.

WTF.... When I called them for the 3rd time, the customer care person hung up on me... so disgusting. Its been 5 days already...

the bank tells me there is no hold... funds were withdrawn....

I sure hope this money is deposited back in to my back account soon. Whats the longest anyone has had to wait for a return??/


I just ordered the same items, an iPad and case, and my order was canceled both times within a minute of placing it. Very frustrating. I'm trying to order online because it's not available at the local store!I guess I'll go to Amazon instead.


They an auto security feature that automatically flags orders. Don't know why.

When you contact Walmart, they give you the same speal each time: "We will "escalate" the issue and you need to re-order in 30 minutes." Then the order cancels again, and they tell you to wait 24 hours. Then it cancels again and they say up to 72 hours. From what I've seen on this forum, I cant believe they still haven't fixed this stupid security check.

All of this is in the name of protecting my account? What good is that if you can't even place an order in the first place?


*** this app they have to *** fix this *** is so annoying it cancelled my order twice now I have to wait for them to put the. $ back..


So I am a professional game streamer and another streamer and I had this idea to have the viewers donate to select the game we play for the next 30 minutes (basically a combination of proving our abilities and a way for clever viewers to humiliate us). So I searched online for online vendors who email the code once paid for and Walmart said the code is emailed in an hour after payment.

I went ahead and ordered 3 cards (Google, Steam, and XBox). Two hours later I still haven't received them so I contacted support where I was assured that they were coming but since it was a new account it was taking longer to process.

The next day (after the stream where I had to use my personal payment info on 3 of the highest risk vendors thanks to walmart) I get an email saying my order was canceled due to potentially fraudulent charges. When I called support I was informed that my order was canceled because I had just opened the account and it was my first purchase.

So in short, Walmart automatically assumes everyone who opens an account and buys any digital content is a theif. This is not the way to treat customers.

I had no issues with my credit card (called chase to make sure they didn't block the purchase), all of my billing information was correct, and I had previously spoken to an agent that could have verified my identity prior to the cancelation. This is just pure stupidity on Walmart's part and they will no longer receive patronage from me online or in store.


I just tried to order a gift card and had my order cancelled. I tried a second time and it was cancelled again. I think something is wrong with their website.


Same thing happened to me. I ordered a Walmart gift card and they took the money out and then cancelled my order, twice!

It took 5 days to get my money back the first time and now I have to wait again for them to put it back. They said they couldn't verify lament info, but my card has been stored on my account and used frequently in the last 6 months and nothing has changed.


I bought a Roblox card online on Walmart's website. And Walmart had canceled my order and I tried contacting them but I never got an email back.

I used a Walmart gift card but I don't know if I can get my money back. Because once Walmart canceled my order I checked the balance on the card and I was still missing $10 from it. And didn't get my items or my money back.

Never buy stuff online on Walmart. They scam people off their good money.


Bro that's exactly what happened to me can someone fix this


They do this *** to everyone. So friggin sick of them.

I've hardly ever shopped at the dump, but now I won't either. I'm still waiting 4 days later for them to refund me $326.35 that they immediately took but wouldn't let me do a same day online store pickup. They took my money and then told me I could get the item in 48 hours cause they had to verify my financial information. Really?

Took the money without much of a fuss, didn't help me and made me call 1800 number.

Still ended up without my item. What a great scam.


Walmart canceled my Black Friday order and didn't inform me. It looks like they did it to a lot of people on Black Friday. When I called they said you can pay regular price and get it.


Yep, walmart cancelled two orders on me. I thought it was because I had purchased the limit already on that item the day before.

That wasn't the problem but rather they have automated fraud prevention in place on certain types of items. Really pissed me off because I can't get these items for the same price in the store so I have to buy online. I understand why they have it in place but it gets worse. Now my credit card company has frozen my card due to what they call "potentially fraudulent activity".

AND, walmart also tried to charge my card for both cancelled orders and only refunded one of the two!!! They have a plausible explanation for that but it still *** me off. Now more work for me to make sure it gets credited back in the next few days.

Both walmart and the credit card company have similar difficult practices... oh, i long for the days of walking into a store with cash and leaving with a good deal.