Marana, Arizona
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Wal mart claims to price match. No where in this store does it claim to not price match Food city or Dollar general.

On each cashier register it says its the managers job to have ads from other stores at each register. The cashiers never have them and they tell you to bring your ad in or they cant match them. When you bring the ads in they still give you a hard time and there is no set guidelines to what they are doing . I brought an ad in for a 12 pack of pepsi that said Any pepsi 12 can products for $2.99 but because I got 12 can diet pepsi and it had a picture of a 12 pack of regular pepsi the girl cashier wouldn't price match.

This wal mart is false advertising because it claims to price match but no where does it say the stores it price matches or don't. The managers are rude. The cashiers are dumb and very rude. Horrible wal mart.

Bathrooms are disgusting.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

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to daniel johnson... ha ha ha you've obviously never been to casa grande az. i live in the phoenix and i have an uncle out there it's a dump, that's the only walmart for at least 20 miles i bet.


Walmart does price match and they shouldnt have had a problem with you if you had the ad, ive worked at walmart for 3 years. :zzz Go to a different one, that one just sounds lousy.